4 Ways to Learn Customer Feedback and Opinions

Do you want to know what your customers think of your business? Are you looking for ways to improve customer satisfaction? If so, then you need to learn how to collect customer feedback and opinions. Here are four methods that you can use to gather customer feedback and make your business even better.

Social Listening and Monitoring

One way to learn about customer feedback and opinions is to use social listening and monitoring tools. These tools allow you to track what is being said about your business on social media. You can use them to see what customers are saying about your products or services, and you can also use them to find out what customers think about your competition.

Every day, customers could have conversations about your brand and products without you knowing it. This means that there’s a whole world of opinions and comments just waiting to be explored. It’s like standing over the shoulders of customers as they use your products and give their opinions (without looking strange, of course!).

Customer Surveys

Furthermore, customer surveys have long been a staple of research for businesses. They provide an in-depth look at customer attitudes and how they change over time. If you’re to send surveys to customers, make sure they’re short, sweet, and to the point. Nobody likes filling out a long survey. The beauty of this digital world is that you can send out a survey and start getting responses immediately. However, don’t assume that 100% of people will take the time to complete the survey.

Here are some ways to encourage more survey completions:

  • Incentivize with a coupon or discount for completing the survey
  • Make it short (no more than 12 questions)
  • Make it fun (add emojis or images)
  • Use social media to get customer feedback and opinions

Online Reviews

These days, potential customers are looking for online reviews before they make a purchase. If you don’t have any reviews, you’re likely to lose business. Online reviews are an effective way to get feedback and understand what customers think of your business.

For example, look on Google for reviews of your business. You can also check Yelp, Facebook, and other review sites. Are comments mostly positive? Is there any constructive criticism to be found? While you shouldn’t change your whole business for one negative review, it can be helpful to take note of what customers don’t like and spot trends within reviews. If lots of people are saying the same thing, this is probably a sign that you need to adjust.


Rather than trying to find what people are saying with words, learn what people are saying with their actions through analytics. This can be done in many ways, but two of the most popular platforms are Google Analytics and social media analytics. Check things like how long people are staying on your site, what pages they’re visiting, and what links they’re clicking. If you see a high drop-off rate on your pricing page, for example, that could be a sign that your prices are too high.

If you don’t know how to access, read, or interpret results, this is why you should contact an online marketing agency. The experts will help you not only understand the results but also give you tips on how to improve your website or online presence.

Why not start learning from customer feedback and opinions today?