7 Absolutely Buzz-Worthy Cocktails You Can’t Afford To Miss

Do you want your liquor blend of celebration to become a party standard for others? 

Call it your poison or refreshment concoction, cocktails have a way of bringing life to any soiree. If you’re confused, some liquor choices like vodka are the perfect options to include in any of your parties, irrespective of its theme. The best aspect of this alcohol is that it can pair well with any accompanying ingredient, whether it’s herbs or citrus fruits. 

Stop chasing the cocktail recipes now! 

Here’re the world’s best cocktails to lift your spirits and infuse excitement like never before with the popular liquor!

Blood Orange Screwdrivers

Are you tired of getting boring meals for lunch?

Don’t worry. Now you can make your day all the more bright with this amazing cocktail. All you need is one of the high-quality spirits, orange juice and some Aperol. The fruit adds a sweet touch to your classic favourites, while Aperol provides the tinge of bitterness your perfectly balanced drink needs. 

Grapefruit Soda

Let your excitement bubble up as the grapefruit pieces absorb the liquor overnight for making this cocktail. Just mix the infused alcohol blend with ice and club soda, and your refreshing concoction is ready to blow your mind! 

The best part is – you can even use the grapefruit-flavoured liquor as a blend for other cocktails like the Screwdrivers!

Secondhand News

Doesn’t everyone want a soothing drink to cosy up their winter months?

Relish in the warmth of the versatile liquor with exquisite ingredients, i.e. apple slices, lemon juice, yellow Chartreuse, almond-flavoured syrup, fino sherry and thyme. 

You might be an original fan, but from now on, you’ll love your drinks secondhand! 

Vodka-Rose Punch

Are you interested in a little history lesson? This drink was invented by Padma Lakshmi as a tribute to the calming rose milk from India. 

All you require is a rose syrup, mint leaves, sugar and chilled club soda. Add the heated rose syrup with sugar in your alcohol on ice to create a delightful tonic for your guests to remember you with.

Note: Don’t forget to pick the pesticide-free, raw rose petals only for your drinks!

Tarragon-Mint Cocktail

Call this the terrific tarragon because the infused alcohol heightens the fun while keeping the mixing efforts to a minimum. Just get yourself some high-quality Russian liquor, fresh tarragon, mint leaves, lemon juice and honey. Blend them together and leave for a few hours to infuse the flavours.

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If you’re a beer person and in love with Mexican dishes, this cocktail will bring the much-needed fizz with tanginess. Using hot sauce, lime juice and your favourite Russian spirit, you can curate yourself an unconventional but feisty cocktail to satisfy your taste palette! 

Dalgona Martini

Wake up the culinary artist in you with this exquisite blend with Dalgona!

Just mix the vigorously blended coffee and sugar with your alcohol mix and serve it with some ice cubes. Oh, and don’t forget to garnish the cocktail with a Dalgona dollop and coffee powder!

In the end

That’s all, matey! 

These recipes will make you the talk of the town with your neighbours craving for some ‘insider information’! 

Now you can enchant your guests or enjoy the end of a hectic day on your balcony with these oh-so-delicious vodka cocktails! No matter how you utilise these recipes, one thing is guaranteed – a fun and exotic experience! 

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