80s Dresses: Ideas, Looks, Creative, Touch

80s Dresses

80s Dresses: Introduction

Retro is gold , fashion back in 80’s or in past is the muse for designers , we can observe the inspired fashion trends in the contemporary world , the beginning of this fashion trend started back in past , today what we see, can be called follow up from the past fashion, talking about today’s ongoing trends in fashion has a lot of  80’s inspired dresses which are in trend and widely liked .

Don’t you feel like fashion from 80’s is back in trend, the bright coloured dresses with puffed , dramatic sleeves, detailing and many more elements which are similar to 80’s fashion .

Let’s dive into the world of 80s fashion , honestly it feels like digging for gold !

80s Dresses


Casual Dresses for parties back in 80’s , were mostly vintage bright and light colours , generally they are mid length below knees, though the sleeves of dresses were of all kinds, which we generally observe see puffed or 3/4th sleeves. Talking about the bottom of dresses ,they were either layered or pleated . One thing which can be identified in 80’s causal dresses that belts were accessorized with dresses , which made overall looks of dress gorgeous . Such dresses were carried in evening together, visiting friends house or just going in market for shopping and all.

Touch To Have

80’s party dresses were of bright and loud colours  with dramatic detailing , there was wide range of party dresses , at that time like either dresses would have been off shoulder or if they were sleeved then it would be puffed one , bottoms of dresses were generally layered regardless of length if the party dress of full length, then it was layered like mermaid tails , giving dress a classy touch . You must have observed that big bows or flowers were attracted to dresses , that’s how designers back in 80’s design dresses for the parties , the dress consist of shiny sequencing with bleads. This is how designer back in the past , use to design the dresses , despite of being dramatic , 80’s party dress weren’t cringe or bad looking that’s what gold is which we all are learning from past .

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