A weighted blanket may not be a bedtime necessity, but it is definitely a sweet dream accessory. Here is what that means. In one of its reports, the American Sleep Association stated that at least 50 million, if not up to seventy million Americans have one sleeping disorder or the other. The reasons for such conditions may border on poor beddings and accessories. This exactly is where the weighted blanket comes in. It is designed to help improve the quality of people’s sleep. A weighted blanket can also be recommended as a therapy for psychiatric and psychological patients. Since the major effect of the blanket is to give a night of restful sleep, patients who use it are well-rested, more relaxed, and balanced after sleep. The weighted blanket has, however, become quite popular among sleepers

Getting the right weight

From the name of this material, you can infer that it is designed to be heavy. However, the pertinent question is this. Can a weighted blanket be too heavy?

–Yes, it can.

It is important to note that weighted blankets are not designed to have the same weight. This means that a weighted blanket may be too light or too heavy, depending on whoever is using it. Typically, one is advised to go for weighted blankets that weigh 10-12% of the user’s weight. However, persons with sleeping problems that are directly affected by their age should consult the doctor before picking weighted blankets. This would also apply to people who have respiratory issues. This is because a blanket that is too weighty may prevent them from breathing comfortably, leading to respiratory complications. The weight for children is also best determined after consultation with a doctor.

At the same time, your weighted blanket must not be too light. If it is, it might not hold you in as firmly as it should, and this may not give the desired results.

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Determining the right size

Getting the right size of a weighted blanket is quite easier compared to determining the weight. The size of your weighted king single mattress should be directly proportional to the size of your mattress. Simply put, a student-sized weighted blanket shouldn’t be used for a king-sized bed, and a king-sized weighted blanket shouldn’t be used for a student-sized bed. Even weight distribution

This is another factor that must be taken into consideration when going for weighted blankets. A weighted blanket gets its weight from its fillings which may be plastics, glass, or steel beads. Thus, the blanket must be such that the weight of the beads is evenly distributed around the blanket. One part must not be heavier than the other part of the blanket. It is also advisable to check the seams to ensure that they are tight. Otherwise, the fillings can fall out from time to time.