Aarti Grover: About Her Bio, Age, Height, Life, Career

Aarti Grover: About Her Bio, Age, Height, Life, Career

When we talk about celebrities, we think of people who are movie stars, famous singers, artists, etc. Usually, these actors are famous for their work, but due to the game they achieve throughout their lifetime from their work and everything, a lot of that focus shifts to people in their personality lives as well, especially their significant other and unfortunately, children as well. While a lot of celebrities become married couples, some of these celebrities are married to people who distance themselves from the entertainment industry. Today, through this article, we will talk about one such person.

Aarti Grover: Bio

Aarti Grover is the wife of Sunil Grover. If you regularly watch shows on television, then you might know who Sunil Grover is. He is a very popular actor in the Indian film and entertainment industry, particularly working in the Hindi film industry. He has worked in many serials and movies for many years now, but his most popular role has been in the hit Hindi TV show The Kapil Sharma Show, where he played the iconic role of Gutthi. However, personal clashes of opinion between him and Kapil Sharma forced him to leave the show, following which he created his own show called Kanpur Wale Khuranas, with Aparshakti Khurana as the host. However, due to low viewership, the show was discontinued and Sunil returned to the Kapil Sharma Show. This time, with the new season of the show, he returned as the famous Rinki Bhabhi and Doctor Mashur Gulati. Unfortunately, following another clash between him and Kapil, he left the show again, this time for good.

Family: Aarti Grover

Not much is known about Aarti Grover’s family life apart from her married side. J.V. Grover is Sunil Grover’s father, so consequently, he is Aarti Grover’s father-in-law. Although Artis is married to Sunil Grover, she stays away from the limelight and also has not been seen with active, public social media accounts. Therefore, not a lot is known from her side. However, she and Sunil Grover have a young son together named Mohan. Although Aarti likes to stay away from the public eye, she has been seen attending promotional events with her husband and child. Aarti, as already stated before, stays away from social media, but is often seen in pictures uploaded by Sunil Grover on his Instagram account.

Education and Career: Aarti Grover

Aarti Grover is an interior designer by profession. Not much is known about her schooling, as these things have never been made public. But it is best to assume that she graduated from reputed schools with flying colors.

Aarti Grover


Not much is known about her physical stats, and considering how Aarti Grover likes to stay away from the limelight, it is best to not assume those things about her. However, from what has been noticed in the pictures, she has tanned skin, a petite build and brown hair. She also has dark brown eyes.

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