Accidents Involving a Sliding Impact

Compensation for automobile accidents might vary widely depending on the circumstances of the crash. Certain accidents are typically more severe than others, while the actual settlement depends more on the severity of injuries, property loss, and other compensatory damages.

Regarding car accidents, side impacts have a reputation for being particularly deadly in the Golden State. Get a car accident lawyer in Bakersfield right once if you or a loved one is hurt in a side-impact collision. Read more!

Where Can I Get More Information About Side-Impact Collisions?

When two cars collide, one or both of them will likely sustain side damage. In California, we often encounter three distinct varieties of side-impact crashes:

  • T-bone crashes, also known as broadside accidents, are among the most common types of side-impact collisions and can result in serious injuries. When the front of one car smashes into the side of another, it’s called a “T-bone” collision. The occupants of the car that is struck have very little protection in this type of accident because the point of impact is so close to them. A passenger or driver may be crushed if the doors caved in. In newer automobiles, side and door airbags are standard, while older vehicles may not.
  • A sideswipe collision is one in which two cars collide sideways. As a rule, the vehicles go in the same or opposite directions and are too close to each other. A driver’s ability to stay within their lane and merge safely into traffic is compromised when they fail to monitor their mirrors and surroundings properly. Lower impact and reduced risk of serious injury are achieved through the lack of mass collision between vehicles in sideswipes. Even if the driver avoids crashing into anything, the sideswipe could still cause considerable property damage to the vehicle or cause the driver to lose control.
  • Crash at an angle: This type of collision occurs between a T-bone and a sideswipe. That happens when one car slams into the side of another at an angle. This typically occurs when one vehicle fails to yield to oncoming traffic at a crossroads or other merging point. When these accidents occur at high speeds, they can result in serious bodily harm.
  • Although the driver of the struck vehicle usually does not detect the oncoming collision until it is too late, side-impact collisions are among the most traumatic types of accidents.