Ace combat 7 skies unknown is the 17th game in the Ace Combat series. The first game in the series that was released on the eighth generation consoles, and for PlayStation VR has exclusive missions, but today we will talk about the PC version, and here you can talk about a lot. I came across this game quite recently, of course, I mastered it and passed it, it was my first experience in such simulators, I can say one thing, and it’s a pity that I could not get acquainted with this series earlier.

The genre of this flight sum is an arcade flight simulator

Looking at other similar flight simulators, we can say that this game is not much, but different from similar games. This game has its zest distinguishes this game from the rest in its genre. The developers provided us with good control, quick response of the aircraft to the player’s actions, excellent intelligence in bots that can shoot you down if you are inattentive, a large selection of fighting birds.

Game process.

In this game, we have to participate in twenty combat missions, which practically do not differ from each other, but each mission has some zest. As we progress through the missions, a plot with videos will open up for us, but only two videos go along the course of the plot, and the rest tell about the Spur prison squadron. Just like in other flight simulators, a large branch of combat aircraft will be available to us, which we will be able to fully open after completing all the missions. But one branch will be unavailable until you play at least one game in multiplayer.

About the control, I can say that it is convenient, there are not a bunch of buttons, there is only wads, a mouse and a space bar, you quickly get used to the control, in the settings you can change the control to professional, now it will be more difficult to get used to this control, it is more suitable for those who has long been familiar with the ace combat series or for avid aircraft carriers.

The main innovation of the gameplay is the interaction of clouds with aircraft. Now, if the player flies in the clouds for a long time, the plane may become icy, which will affect the stability of the plane. Clouds also began to affect the capture of homing missiles by thermal heads, but this is also true for the enemy, you can easily hide from missiles in the clouds. There are ascending and descending air currents that can lead to an unexpected crash of the aircraft.


Before the main gameplay, the Federation built an international space elevator (more commonly known as a lighthouse) to help rebuild the continent after the fall of the asteroid Ulysses and the ensuing continental war. When the war began, Trigger (the main character of this game) is at the airbase on the island of Fort Grace, which is being raided by bombers and he will have to repel this attack along with other Ocean pilots. After this battle, the battle began over the Snowfield Plateau, where Trigger first encountered enemy drones. 

The MUN learns that former President Vincent Harling was hiding on a space elevator and it was decided to send a team to attack the space elevator, but over the rainforests in the Schulenburg region, the first encounter with one of the Arsenal Birds occurs, forcing the Oceans to retreat with losses. The MUN then sends Trigger on a solo flight to stealthily penetrate the radar network around the elevator to open a path for rescuers. After the rescue plane with Harling on board rises, they are attacked by drones from the Arsenal Bird, and during the battle, the rescue plane is shot down and Harling dies. Because Trigger was close to Harling’s tilt-rotor, he is blamed for his murder.


This game has two online multiplayer modes: battle royal, team duel. In my opinion, the multiplayer in this game will not last forever, or there will be avid fans of this game, which is very sad for beginners who want to watch multiplayer, their fuse will quickly go out. I will not hide it, I played the royal battle and somehow, with grief, I took the middle of the table in half.


In total, 20 combat missions and 3 special missions are available to us in the game as it is happened in mm88, which are very similar to each other, somewhere you need to shoot down, destroy, and escort someone. The maximum difference between these missions is new locations, and very colorful and with beautiful landscapes, a beautiful soundtrack, but be that as it may, each mission captured my spirit, they made me completely immerse myself in them and not pay attention to the rest of the world, some moments made me groan and gasp from the beautiful special effects, thanks to this, you just want to close your eyes to the non-diversity.

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