Adonis Graham: Ideas, Looks, Creative, Touch

Adonis Graham: Ideas, Looks, Creative, Touch

Adonis Graham has already appeared to attract a lot of eyes being the son of World famous Canadian Rapper, singer and actor, first child of Aubrey Drake Graham and Sophie Brussuax, who’s a former French model and now a successful painter. Here is more information about the celebrity kid Adonis Graham,


Adonis Graham was born on the 11th of October, 2017 in California to the most famous person in the North American Continent, Aubrey Drake who works as an actor, producer, song writer, businessman and, of course, Rapper. Adonis’ mother’s name is Sophie Brussaux, who was born and raised in France. She was formerly a model and currently world famous

Feminism driven provocative artist with paintings that have taken her all over the world. Adonis Graham’ current age is 5 years. His birth sign is Libra.


Adonis Graham is a growing boy and his height might vary as he is constantly growing but as of 2022, he stands at around 3 ft 5 inches and this handsome baby weighs more than 15 kgs. He truly justifies his beautiful and handsome kid tag as he has gorgeous blue eyes, with light brown tint to his hair.


Adonis Graham is a happy and joyful kid with great energy. He is too young to be in with any interest other than his parents, who take utmost care. As of 2022, he has no siblings and the family currently likes to just enjoy the time with him. He is seen frequently with his dad during song concerts and public events. The information regarding his schooling will be updated as soon as he joins one, as currently the information is not much available.


Adonis Graham’s father and mother, both are very highly noted celebrities in their respective fields. Aubrey Drake is Canadian-American singer, song writer, rapper and actor. He is exceptionally regarded as an influential figure in the modern Popular music as he is attributed for the hyping of singing and rapping into the modern world. He was born in Canada to Dennis Graham, who was also a celebrity American Musician, actor and businessman. Adonis’ mother is Sophie Brussuax, who was a former French model and currently a World famous artist. Her artistic values and skills are well-versed around the globe. She studied International Affairs and thus managed to travel all round the world to promote her arts and her feministic values are the key to her provocative art by fusing Cultural, biblical and sci-fi ideas with female sexuality to make one of the outstanding paintings in the Art World.


Adonis being just 4 years old, doesn’t give him that many opportunities to showcase his talents, but in future he may be the next big thing in North America, if not in the world. He has no siblings and being the only son, makes him already the millionaire baby with approx. $1 million already to his net worth.


The relationship between Drake and Sophie is considered to be accurate Western Culture to its best, because so far, they both never committed to marriage till now, but for what others say, they were dating themselves back in  Late January 2017. Adonis was born in October 2017 and yet Drake decided to keep his son’s news out of the world. In an interview in 2019, he revealed that he opted not to include the news due to the credibility of him being the father to his child. But as soon as he confirmed that he was the father, both the couple took the responsibility of co-parenting rather than being in any relationship or marriage which may seem a little odd, but quite common in Western Countries. Although there were little hiccups in the relationship, they both now stand on good terms and are positive to take things forward in the right direction by co-parenting the child. Although they did confirm that they both were now in no relationship as of 2021, the co-parenting responsibility has been shared by both.

Adonis Graham


Both the couple are multi-millionaires, with more than $250 million to Drake’s and $1 million to Sophie’s accounts. Sophie has her majority of her earnings through her profession as an artist. In other cases, Drake’s hip hop, rapping sensations amassed him rain of dollars and he is still considered to be the one of the highest paid entertainers on consistent basis. According to the sources, his expected salary per annual income stand at around $70 million per annum, which is highly regarded as one of the top best numbers.


Although Adonis Graham is quite young to have his own social media account, her mother has not yet made his account so far, but she shares her son’s updates weekly once on her instagram and twitter. Sophie is quite active on social media, with more than 650k followers on Instagram, and more than 1500 followers on her twitter. Sophie has the photo with her son as her profile picture in Instagram account. On the other hand, Drake is one of the most popular rappers out there, hence he has a huge following in social media. In Twitter he has 39.5 million followers, in Instagram 112 million followers, making him the most famous personality and widely known person on the planet. He has his photograph with his son as the profile pic of Instagram account.

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