Aesthetic Cartoon Characters: Ideas, Looks, Creative, Touch

Aesthetic Cartoon Characters

Aesthetic Cartoon Characters: Intro

Cartoons have been around for several years now, and it has been a beautiful part of many of our childhood. In fact, a lot of adults still watch cartoons now and enjoy it thoroughly. While cartoons are mainly made for children to enjoy after they come back home from school or any other important extracurricular activities, cartoons are entertaining to adults as well. Cartoons are usually animated which is why they are so appealing to the viewers. They also come in a variety of languages depending on which region they are being showcased in. While there are a lot of cartoons popular all over the world, there are also many Indian cartoons that we love to watch, and which are also surprisingly popular in other countries.

Aesthetic Cartoon Characters

While many people might say that cartoon characters are just cartoon characters and exist only for entertainment, that is honestly not the case all the time. Cartoons are not just there to make us laugh, because a lot of times they also teach us very valuable life lessons. Apart from that, they also have their own aesthetic which a lot of people who are fans of those particular cartoons adopt gradually as a way of admiring and showing their love for those cartoon characters.

Here is the list of some cartoon characters who are some of the most popular ones throughout history. Take a look:

Aesthetic Cartoon Characters

Notes To Have

  • Charlotte la Bouff from the popular Disney movie, The Princess and the Frog, is one of the most fun cartoon characters till date. Her character in the movie was of a very lively and rich girl who is used to getting what she wants. She is best friends with the main character of the movie Tiana, and despite the big difference between her and Tiana, Charlotte has never treated her badly. In fact, she has always loved Tiana as a very dear friend and has helped her in many situations as well. Therefore, Charlotte’s character proves that despite having a lot of money, kindness is much more important.
  • Ever since the movie Frozen came out in 2013, its rise in popularity has been growing exponentially throughout all these years. The second part of the movie also made the characters even more lovable and the movie was excellent. Therefore, it is only natural for one of the most popular characters from the movie, who happens to be the snow queen Elsa, to become a well loved personality throughout the world. She is beautiful, Brave and selfless, making her one of the most favourite characters among children.
  • Mira, Royal Detective is a show that was released by Disney back in 2018, about a young girl named Mira who becomes the royal detective after saving the life of the prince. This show was extraordinary because it was based on Indian lifestyle and culture, something that had not been done exclusively before. While there had been a minute number of South Asian supporting characters in Disney shows before, this show was one of a kind.

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