Aesthetic Girl Drawing: Ideas, Looks, Creative, Touch

aesthetic girl drawing

Aesthetic Girl Drawing: Intro

The aesthetic girl drawings are the set of sketches of beautiful girls although the concept of beauty is completely subjective to each person. These sketches generally have girls with long thick hair and spectacles, but since beauty is subjective every artist draws it differently. The girls are also drawn with short hair, wearing hairbands, curly long hair, hair buns, fringes, pony tails, pleats etc. to add on more of those aesthetic vibes they are also drawn wearing huge hats, caps, big beautiful bows and fluffy hair bands and hair ties. Along with elegant hair do’s of the female figures artists also draw many different objects like a rose or an entire bouquet of roses, coffee mugs and books; each prop tell a different trait about the girl drawn as they say ‘ a picture is worth a thousand words.’

The artists know how much each stroke in their art can make difference in there entire perception, thus each strand of hair counts too. The direction of their strokes and the blackness of the stroke which is how dark the stroke is. Artist make use of hb pencils for these sketches where the ‘b’ stands for black and these have intensities of black ranging from a 2b pencil to a 8b pencil.

These sketches of girls are generally drawn from the perception of the artist standing behind his subject, thus the girls are visible from the back and there hair is the most important part of the sketch. Along with the hair they usually carry bag packs and / or are listening to music. These aesthetic sketches though have a large variety, each artist looks at it’s subject from a different angle and thus each drawing is different and aesthetic in their own ways.

Aesthetic Girl Drawing: Touch

These drawings depict different emotions via the facial expression of the girls, those can be whimsical, lost, happy, upset, at the verge of breakdowns, irenic, calm and composed. The expressions are so meticulously drawn and show such delicate emotions. These sketches have depths to themselves and depict women in a different universe altogether. The sketches are also the testimonies for women who are living their lives independently , breaking the patriarchal chains. Many of the sketches are innuendoes for the change in the societal norms and strengthening of feminine figures. These drawings are very popular and have a huge fanbase in the artistic community, since they are aesthetics which express so much and in very little time too. The beginners and even the non- artists draw the girl aesthetics.

Aesthetic Girl Drawing

Creative Look

These sketches are used for different purposes at different places. Most commonly these sketches are sold framed to be hung on walls and make the wall look beautiful. For specific themed rooms or restaurants and cafes these are used as wallpapers to create an aesthetic and subtle atmosphere. These sketches so easily make their ways to art shows and exhibitions, even a few are on a full time display at the art galleries. The delicacy and the thought behind each sketch gives the sketch a meaning. It is so rightly said that – ‘art is how you decorate space.’

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