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Andrew Le Page

Andrew Le Page: Bio

Love Island is a very famous show on British television, and so far, it has had eight seasons. It first started in 2005, and then ended abruptly in the following year. However, it started again in 2015 and that year as well as the following year, it became one of the most trending shows all over the world and the most-watched show in the United Kingdom, specifically by their target audience of people between ages 16 to 32 years.

In the show, a group of men and women get together to perform various fun tasks, along with their main objective of finding love.

Andrew Le Page: Creative Look

Andrew Le Page is a real estate agent from Guernsey. Although he never had any previous connections with anybody famous, his rise to fame was through entering the very popular TV show broadcasted in British television, Love Island. He entered the show on the first day and from then onwards, he was paired up with Tasha Ghouri, Love Island’s first-ever deaf contestant.  Andrew and Tasha’s relationship had quite a few rocky points, but they were able to overcome that and stuck with each other, eventually coming fourth in the finals.

Although he became famous through Love Island, Andrew is a very private person and does not bring up hi family. However, it has been known that prior to coming to the show, Andrew got plastic surgery on his chest. He got glads removed from there for the appearance of a small chest.

Andrew was an impressive player in the game, and the chemistry between him and Tasha was something so many people became a fan of. Throughout the show, they would constantly pair up with each other and this led to them developing serious feelings for each other. Even though Love Island is now over, Andrew and Tasha are still going strong. Andrew has talked about taking their relationship to the next stage as he has been in the talks of proposing to Tasha.

Andrew Le Page

Best Way To Look

Tasha is one of the most popular contestants in Love Island so far, as she created history by being the first ever deaf person with a cochlear implant to participate in the show. Tasha is a fashion influencer, dancer, and model from North Yorkshire. She participated in the show to represent the deaf community and to also prove that whether a person is disabled or not, everybody deserves a chance to live their lives the way they want. Tasha and Andrew paired up from the first day onwards. Their chemistry was impeccable.

Ever since Andrew became a popular face, thanks to Love Island. He has an Instagram account where he has 832k followers. He mostly posts pictures of himself, but sometimes, he also posts pictures with his beautiful girlfriend.

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