Animal Crossing Memes: Jokes, Fun, Love, Happy

Animal Crossing Memes

As we all know animal crossing memes come from a video game series named as “animal crossing.” This animal crossing game is a type of social simulation game which was created and designed by the famous gaming company known as Nintendo. The main character in the game is a human who can participate in various different activities. The main character lives in his village where he can do fishing, bug catching and finding fossils and also hunting. The distinct feature about this game is the game uses the system’s real clock and calender to simulate the real passage of time.


There are so many fans of this game as it was made by a famous billion dollar gaming company. Also this simulation feels real as the passage of a date and time in this game is synced to the real date and time. Animal crossing game was famous but after the memes started bashing in, it got even more famous and got more recognition. It’s first release was in the april of 2001 but it’s latest release is from the year 2020 so this video game because a source of memes and meme templates. There is even a separate subreddit for this game on reddit which is called r/Animalcrossing. In that subreddit, we can find various funny and hilarious memes on this game which are shared enthusiastically in the gaming world, and they also tend to get thousands of upvotes, shares & comments.


  • Animal crossing players watering the garden : damn look at this intense gameplay I’m playing.
  • Animal crossing fans growing potatoes and repairing villages : YOO this game play is so fire right now!
  • Me when I turn on animal crossing

Isabelle : Breaking News! I have nothing to report.

  • When you are trying to pick up he item right next to the flowers but you pick up flowers instead.
  • Them : how long have you been playing animal crossing?

Me : 300 hours plus

Them : wow your island must be a paradise.

Me : haha yes (crying inside)

  • Me storing furniture and clothing I’m never going to use in my little storage space.
  • When Blathers tells that your painting is fake after you spent 55 minutes studying it.
  • When your villager wants to move out.

Me : stay

Them : yes, town representative.

  • Me : I made a new friend.

Mom : real or in animal crossing?

Animal Crossing Memes


Memes are a way of sharing cultural information with the different people. Memes allow us to connect and spread joy. If memes wouldn’t exist then we wouldn’t have got such easy to digest information. The best way to learn new information and be up to date with the world is boring when we have to read long paragraphs, memes make learning and sharing information a fun process. The benefit of making and sharing memes are endless : you get your recognition for the ideas you use to generate memes, plus you communicate with your friends & family and share easily understandable information. This kind of shareability often relaxes people.

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