Benefits of Pursuing an MBA for Experienced Professionals

With the changing times and industry demands, there are so many career options. Students and professionals are required to possess advanced certifications to prove their worth and get better job prospects. Over time, most students aspire to achieve a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree. An MBA for experienced professionals is one of the best options to achieve advancement in career, survive today’s competitive world, and overcome organizational problems.

Nowadays, pursuing an MBA degree is not only possible for students but also for experienced professionals with broad industry experience. If you are an experienced professional, you can register for the MBA program to discover management and corporate roles. Here is a comprehensive guide on different types of MBA programs for experienced professionals and their benefits.

Types of MBA programs for Experienced Professionals

When considering an MBA degree, many options are available for experienced professionals in India and abroad. You can choose a course per your goal of sharpening your skillsets, affiliating to industry demands, and becoming a manager across various functions. Here are the four types of MBA programs for experienced professionals that are available:

  1. Executive MBA
  2. One Year MBA
  3. Part-time MBA and
  4. Online MBA

Executive MBA for Experienced Professionals

An executive MBA is designed for professionals from different fields looking to groom their decision-making, problem-solving, networking, managerial, and leadership skills and gain experience. It gives international exposure to the professionals while learning. The duration of this course is 15-18 months. This program is equally beneficial for business professionals and entrepreneurs. It generates new revenue sources and also gives international opportunities to the course takers. They can expect to get placed in both the private and public sectors.

One-Year MBA for Experienced Professionals

The one-year MBA program is for professionals looking to pursue in a short time. The study curriculum is designed so that you can finish the entire course in 11 to 12 months. It helps develop the skills for analyzing the competitors and markets, product development, management, and positioning a brand. The domains that prefer people from this MBA program are strategy, finance, leadership, marketing, and data analytics. Some of the top-rated institutes indicate more than 95% of the course takers are getting employed with a good average salary.

Part-Time MBA for Experienced Professionals

A part-time MBA is for those professionals who cannot devote their full time to pursuing the course. The duration of these courses is 1-4 years, with classes being held in the evening or on weekends. You can pursue this program without taking a break in your career. The program is for working professionals as well as entrepreneurs. The program aims to improve your managerial skills.

Online MBA for Experienced Professionals

Online MBA is recommended for candidates who wish to study from the comfort of their homes without leaving their current job. Over the years, the online MBA program has gained recognition from many great institutes. The degree can be obtained over a span of nine months to four years. The program is for professionals and fresh graduates. The program aims to enhance your business communication, managerial, and marketing skills.

Benefits of Studying MBA for Experienced Professionals

Now that we have learned about the types of MBA programs available for experienced professionals and top institutes in India and abroad, let us learn about the benefits that you can get from these MBA programs:

  • Better Career Prospects: An MBA course helps build your professional credibility, enhance knowledge and understanding, and gain experience to broaden your career options.
  • Cost Savings: One of the most important benefits of doing an MBA while working is that it is available at very affordable costs.
  • Experiential Learning: The MBA program includes practical project implementation to gain an experiential learning experience. The self-learning paradigm helps professionals learn new skills and techniques and improve their critical thinking.
  • Flexibility: The candidates can study at their own pace and time per their choices and preferences. The degree is designed so the candidate can easily accommodate it per their schedule.
  • Networking Opportunities: An MBA program is a great opportunity to network with others. It keeps you closer to your functional environment while you are working and studying at the same time.
  • Work Continuity: MBA for experienced professionals allows pursuing your degree while working.

Career Prospects after MBA for Experienced Professionals

A candidate can expect the following roles after pursuing the MBA program:

  • Account Manager
  • Business Analyst
  • Business Development Executive
  • Data Analyst
  • Digital Marketing Manager
  • Equity Research Analyst
  • Finance Manager
  • Human Resource Manager
  • Management Consulting
  • Marketing Manager
  • Operations Manager
  • Project Manager
  • Risk Manager
  • Sales Manager


Pursuing an MBA for experienced professionals is one of the best career choices you could ever make as a working professional. Additionally, every MBA aspirant must have a critical thinking skill app at their fingertips to hone their skills now and then. The various programs mentioned above can help progress your career with top-rated companies.