Benefits of Using Video for Recruitment.

In 2017, there is no doubt that video content reigned supreme. The popularity of videos will only increase in 2018 and beyond. Experts predict that by 2019, 80% of all worldwide Internet traffic will be video.

This is why an increasing number of firms and recruiters have begun adding video into the recruitment process. Using video for recruitment is unquestionably one of the trends you should use in 2022.

Reasons to use video in recruitment.

Here are the most convincing reasons for using recruiting videos:

1. To increase your visibility in search results:

Using recruiting videos is an excellent approach to strengthen your SEO efforts and increase your visibility in search results. Brightcove reports a 157% increase in organic traffic from search engine results pages due to video (SERP).

In other words, your company’s job pages will rank higher in Google’s search results if you include videos. Google likes videos!

2. To reach other candidates:

Like Google, people also enjoy videos! This is why videos are shared more frequently than text and photographs. Video produces 1200% more shares than text and photos combined, according to Wordstream.

In other words, adding a video to your job posts will increase the number of shares. Consequently, your job listings will be able to reach a substantially larger number of individuals.

3. To increase job advertisement views:

In today’s candidate-driven labour market, job seekers have access to numerous employment possibilities. To employ the most qualified candidates, you must distinguish your job advertisements to catch their interest.

Adding movies to your job advertisements is an effective method. According to CareerBuilder, job advertisements with video icons receive 12% more views than those without!

4. To increase the number of applications:

Videos are excellent for encouraging people to apply to your employment vacancies in addition to grabbing the attention of potential candidates.

Job posts with videos receive 34% more applications. In other words, adding a video to your job listings will dramatically increase the number of applications from whom you may pick.

5. To ensure a cultural match:

A video is an excellent tool for assessing the cultural compatibility of job seekers. Your potential recruits will be able to envision themselves working at your firm if you provide them with a film depicting daily activities at the office.

Thus, they will be able to determine if a position at your organisation meets their needs. Consequently, job seekers who are not a good fit will self-select and drop out of your recruiting process.

6. To promote your company’s brand:

Videos are ideal for establishing your company’s brand and showcasing your organisation as a wonderful place to work. You may use movies to illustrate the story of your firm, showcase its values, and provide its employee value proposition. In addition to showcasing your business culture and workspace, you may provide prospective applicants with a taste of daily office life.

All of these will assist you in doing more than simply telling prospects that you are a fantastic company. You can practically show them how amazing it is to work at your firm by employing videos. Interest a potential candidate in your company’s story and they just might become part of it.

There is no question that using video for recruitment is the way to improve and advance your recruiting process.

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