Best 50cc scooters, mopeds and fifties | June 2022

To get around the city quickly, a scooter is the ideal solution. Its compact size and its handling qualities make it the best ally for dribbling traffic. And never before has it been the most comfortable (and fastest) solution for those who do not want to take the car or use public transport. And if you have estimated that the distance you have to face is short, but too long to take the bicycle, the light and manageable moped that consumes very little may still be an alternative to consider, especially if you have little experience with two wheels. but keeping in mind its limitations: its performance limited by law to 45 km / h which, even if now all approved for the transport of a possible passenger, it is always better to consider them means to be used mainly alone, always due to the fact that the performances are modest.

However, there are different types of motorcycles, designed and optimized for a different audience ranging from the youngest to the not so young, from the most skilled and adventurous drivers to the laziest and meekest ones. First of all it is therefore good to understand on which criteria the evaluation of the best 50cc moped is based , we will therefore illustrate some tips and general advice. 

Best 50cc mopeds: some practical advice

Although the various models enjoy numerous advantages in different areas, it is good to note that among the best 50cc scooters and mopeds there is no absolute best buy : you have to evaluate different aspects according to your needs. So here are some useful tips.

Consumption, usability and safety

All the best 50cc scooters and mopeds are light, practical and manageable compared to their higher displacement colleagues, however there are simpler and lighter models than others that nevertheless remain more stable at high speeds: depending on the type of roads – urban or suburban – which you will have to travel it is better to lean towards one type rather than the other. Consumption can also vary a lot between the different types of fifties in relation to the performance and usability of the vehicle: for example, recently the fifties with gears are making a comeback among the youngest, guaranteeing lower fuel consumption and excellent recovery when compared with the best scooters and 50cc mopeds with power variator.

Another important aspect to consider is the engine which is the heart of your vehicle. There are essentially two categories of engines that power the fifties: 2-stroke and 4-stroke . We will not go into the technical details, but we will briefly illustrate the features. 2 – Stroke engines are more responsive and are often able to deliver more power, however they tend to break more easily because they are more subject to wear; they consume even more and obviously for this reason they are not environmentally friendly. 4 – Stroke engines instead are generally less performing, but more reliable over time and have lower consumption. In general, the very young prefer 2-stroke models because they occasionally use 50 cc mopeds and scooters; if, on the other hand, you have to use the vehicle daily for work, it is better to go on a 4-stroke. In this guide to the best 50cc scooters and mopeds we will integrate models with both engines to meet everyone’s needs.

There are also low models with 13 or 14 inch wheels , generally stockier, but also more comfortable to ride thanks to the wide and well padded saddles and are often equipped with a capacious saddle pad and can be equipped with a top case and windshield for the colder months. On the other hand, there are models with taller and more slender wheels that allow better maneuverability of the vehicle and also allow you to venture a little off-road because they better absorb shocks due to potholes and disruptions (which with the state of many Italian roads is a bit a necessity nowadays). Inevitable in a modern scooter is an ABS system which can very often save the skin, especially in difficult conditions such as with slippery asphalt. Other important parameters that have significant effects on handling are the weight – trivially – and the turning radius which must be as low as possible to allow you to easily manage your 50 cc scooter or moped even with the engines off or backwards.

Best 50cc scooters and mopeds (fifty) | The list

So here we come to the most interesting part of the guide: the list of the best 50cc scooters and mopeds. This is not a ranking as each model has strengths and weaknesses that make it suitable for slightly different uses and users. We have therefore selected the best fifty and in the following paragraphs we have summarized the characteristics so that you can choose wisely.


  • Yamaha Aerox 4
  • Aprilia 50 SR
  • Aprilia 50 SR Biker
  • Piaggio Liberty S 50
  • Kymco Agility 50 R16 +
  • Kymco People S 50 4T E4
  • Wind Drift RR
  • Aprilia SX 50