Best ideas for technological startups in Australia

Top 10 IT Startup Niches In Australia In 2022

Australia is a popular country in the world that is known for its incredible landscapes. Growing startups are not that popular here, so many are searching for ideas. Early stage financing in the country is excellent and even surpasses the world figures in some respects. It’s a great area for financial development and growth. We recommend checking out the best companies to choose for a startup. The best areas for startups:


Australia is a developed country and there are many opportunities to start a business. 


A great startup related to 3D technology. The company works with augmented reality software. It is designed for use in real estate and has many benefits. Sellers and buyers can plan a property before it is built. 3D plans are new features that make it possible to view it through apps, so work can be done completely remotely.

The company began operations in 2019 and has raised more than $120,000 in funding to date.


A great eco-conscious tech startup. It uses technology that helps deliver food and agriculture. The technology for centralized financing has been implemented. The company cares about the environment and solves problems faced by the agriculture industry.


This is a startup that is connected to the retail industry. The company is working to influence a change in the online shopping experience. The activity is mainly aimed at improving the customer experience. To this end, special mechanisms are created for making purchases electronically. In this way, customers can find the right product or service faster. Artificial intelligence is used to find the technology. Basic information about the company:

  • $310,000 in funding;
  • two investors;
  • 10 employees;
  • headquartered in Sydney, Australia.

The company is engaged in a great activity which is related to it-technology.

Employment Hero

Another one of the best Australian startups that deserves attention. The company works in employment and is a great online platform for business development. The company functions as a human resources department. It uses software to help manage staff. Financial services of various kinds can be used here, as well as salary tools


The company offers a broad digital financial platform through which customers can easily access their personal finances. In addition, there are many different solutions for businesses, including lending, merchant services and many others. Since its founding, we can see that the company has been incredibly successful. In total, more than $17 million has been invested in it. 

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A great Australian startup that was founded in 2020. The company is engaged in modern technology and offers a solution for shared shopping. Customers can shop online and send them to another person’s cart so he can pay for them. This is a great option if you want to give a gift to another person or buy products for people who can’t do it themselves. The company has attracted quite a few outside investors in the 2 years of its operation.

Ascension Cloud Solutions 

This company is involved in a variety of industries:

  • marketing;
  • software;
  • e-commerce;
  • information technology.

Clients can take advantage of a comprehensive business package. The company creates branded and customized Web sites that are ready to launch. Among the services, you can take advantage of mobile app customization. For example, when you read FairGo Casino review you can observe the presence of a mobile app. Such a company provides services to improve the performance of online casino apps.


A great company that focuses on legal technology. Clients can take advantage of risk assessment and compliance services. This is a great platform for managing various processes. In this way, businesses can get help to operate within the law and in a responsible manner. With a system like this, clients get solid protection and understand how to run their business.


An excellent technology platform that works in the tourism industry. The organization provides an opportunity for businesses to expand their capabilities and attract new audiences. Such goals are achieved by collecting data on consumer behavior during tourist trips.  Vacationers visit this site and create an itinerary to prepare a marketing strategy. It is a promotional website that deals with attracting users to various trips. 

MGA Thermal 

A well-known technology startup in Australia that focuses on a variety of technologies. The main activity is concentrated in the field of heat storage. The company offers customers efficient ways to store energy and heat. For this purpose, different alloys are used for mixing and obtaining modern alternative technologies. They are effective in saving energy and storing heat.


In this review, you can check out the best options for startups, and find technologies that are available in Australia. Beginning businessmen can choose the best offers for themselves to develop and choose successful business ideas. Select the right topics for you and start your business in a proper and smart way. Use this guide to find the best idea for yourself.