Bloodshot Comic: Show, Cast, Creation, Life

Bloodshot Comic: Show, Cast, Creation, Life

Bloodshot Comic: Valiant comics is one the most popular super hero comics of all time. Bloodshot is a character from this comic. He is a type of fictional superhero. He gained his powers through microscopic experiments in labs. Bloodshot Comic is from the valiant universe. His name is bloodshot because there are special particles in his blood stream that give him his powers. “Project rising spirit” is a secret government organization who ran experiments on him and turned him into a living weapon. But the catch is, the process through which he gained his powers, also made him loose all his memories of his past.

ALL VOLUMES OF Bloodshot Comic

  • Original Valiant Comic version – Bloodshot volume 1 (1992)
  • Acclaim entertainment reboot – Bloodshot volume 2 (1997)
  • Valiant Entertainment reboot (2012)
  • Bloodshot volume 3

The PRS has already created different super soldiers. They named them “bloodshot squad.” One bloodshot cyborg goes crazy due to which the PRS program gets destroyed. The same techniques are used on the next bloodshot but they are improved. Volume 3 follows the life of this new bloodshot

  • Bloodshot and H.A.R.D corps

When bloodshot finds out that the HARDA protocol can terminate him, he decides to fight the HARD corps but that leaves him seriously injured and he lost his powers. As an agreement he decides to become loyal to HARD corps in exchange for his powers. When his powers are back to full, he finds out about his true identity and runs away.

  • Bloodshot Reborn

After running away bloodshot tries to live a normal life as his true identity “ray garrison” but after a number of shootings he investigates and is bound to return to his old life.

  • Bloodshot salvation

Magic’s family is now the bad guys and bloodshot must protect his girlfriend Magic and his daughter from her own family.

  • Bloodshot Rising spirit

This story is the prequel to when PRS creates ray garrison. This is about a cyborg super soldier who goes insane and PRS have to destroy him.

  • Bloodshot volume 4

This is the current on going Bloodshot  series which was launched in 2019.


There are a billion nanites shot into his blood stream, these nanites give him special powers. These nanites are different because they also offer him- superhuman strength, combat abilities and the ability to interfere to databases. He is also capable of a neuro psychic pulse emission. He also the power to mass shift his body, meaning he can replicate and transform to any person he remembers and he can also camouflage his body.


A film was released on 13th March 2020 starring Vin Disel. The title was ‘bloodshot.’ It was filmed to be within the story of the Valiant comic universe.

A Bloodshot videogame was being developed in 1998 but was cancelled due to development issues.

Bloodshot Comic


Bloodshot is the most selling super hero from the Valiant universe. He has already sold seven million copies of the comics. It is one the best selling comics of all time and has already got the “best comic” award from Diamond comic Distributors.

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