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BlueFire Wilderness

Leading therapeutic wilderness program Bluefire Wilderness helps teenagers make long-lasting changes by fusing the finest aspects of family therapy, adventure activities, and equine therapy. With twice as much individual and group therapeutic time available each week as other wilderness programs, Bluefire has raised the standard for wilderness therapy. In this article we are going to about Bluefire Wilderness Therapy Reviews and more.

What do you mean by Bluefire Wilderness?

BlueFire Wilderness is an adventure and wilderness therapy program for struggling teenagers from the age of 11 to 17, and adults from the age of 18 -28. In blue fire wilderness, we include parents and other family members, enabling them to stay in touch with their adolescents through a multi-day family workshop, phone calls, video chats, and letters.

Rather than being level-based, our therapy is client-directed. This means that rather than giving our customers fixed levels based on external factors, we assist them in identifying their treatment goals. You can read some Bluefire wilderness therapy reviews below to know better about this program.

Bluefire wilderness therapy reviews

Our therapists work with our clients in a range of environments, such as adventure trips, equine therapy, and basecamps. In order to interact with kids in the present rather than relying on asking them to recollect events and feelings later, this frequency and variety are essential.

Teens learn the importance of participating in healthy activities like rock climbing, kayaking, and horseback riding through adventures. We want them to have happy times, become more self-assured, widen their horizons, and solidify their fundamental convictions through our bluefire wilderness therapy reviews.

Bluefire wilderness therapy

Since 2009, there has been a national surge in the number of adolescents experiencing despondency, suicidal thoughts and actions, and mental health issues. Persistent feelings of hopelessness and sadness rose by 40% in teens between 2009 and 2019, according to CDC statistics. The COVID-19 epidemic has caused social system disturbances, family stress, and other factors that have made these challenges even more severe.

According to a recent National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) study, the stress of the pandemic on teenagers may have had a major impact on social functioning and brain development, causing adolescents’ brains to develop similarly to those of people who experienced trauma or chronic stress as children.

BlueFire Wilderness:-

BlueFire Wilderness has further customized its programs in response to this urgent need and assisted frontline workers and physicians in obtaining training in trauma treatment from a holistic perspective. Crucially, this entails drawing on the years of experience of their clinicians and founders in Outdoor Behavioral Healthcare (OBH), or wilderness therapy, in addition to training in modalities like EMDR, Brainspotting, the Trauma Resiliency Model, and the Community Resiliency Model. This allows them to truly integrate trauma treatment with the OBH modality to improve the efficacy of the care they provide to families and adolescents. 

Peer support, cooperation and mutuality, empowerment and choice, and other traits that are congruent with the SAMHSA’s definition of a trauma-informed approach to treatment have long been hallmarks of outdoor behavioral healthcare (Russell, 2001; Colon, Wilson, and Stoker, 2018, OBHC, 2023).

Camping Recipes from the bluefire wilderness therapy reviews

1. Satisfying Adventures

BlueFire goes above and above in wilderness treatment to provide its clients with a life-changing experience. In addition to offering a nurturing and transforming atmosphere, we also understand the value of feeding the body and mind.

BlueFire Wilderness employs a dietitian and a wellness coach as part of our holistic approach. In order to promote each blueFire client’s general wellbeing, they collaborate to create meals that are well-rounded. Because of the efforts of these two people, the BlueFire staff has developed a lovely collection of camping dishes that are named for the staff members who first came up with them. These dishes not only boost campers’ spirits but also offer significant health advantages.

2. The Significance of Food in the Wilderness

Appropriate diet becomes essential for sustaining energy levels and enhancing general health when participating in outdoor activities. blueFire Wilderness understands the value of healthy meals, particularly for our customers who are coping with various problems or mental health challenges. We make sure campers have the energy they need to meet the mental and physical demands of the wilderness therapy program by serving nutrient-rich, well-balanced meals.

3. Lunches that Promote Mental Acuity

In addition to being delicious, the staff-created dishes at blueFire Wilderness emphasize our clients’ nutritional needs. In close consultation with a dietician, the dishes are thoughtfully crafted to feature nutritious components that bolster mental acuity, emotional stability, and physical well-being. These recipes try to nourish the body and encourage a healthy lifestyle by using whole grains, lean proteins, and fresh fruits and vegetables.

What Post-COVID Young Teen Girls Are Trying to Tell Us?

Dr. Paul Goddard, blueFire Wilderness’ primary therapist, led a Continuing Education Course intended to give educators, counselors, therapists, and other caregivers of early adolescent girls the skills and information they needed to handle the particular difficulties they encountered following the COVID-19 pandemic. Professionals can better assist these girls in navigating despair, anxiety, social media addiction, and other issues by comprehending the underlying thoughts, beliefs, and feelings that are represented through their actions.

bluefire wilderness reviews of COVID-19’s Effect on Early Teen Girls:

Due to the COVID-19 epidemic, early females missed important developmental stages, which raised the prevalence of psychological and emotional problems like anxiety and sadness. Their problems were made worse by their isolation, dependency on social media, and lack of access to in-person counseling and mentoring. Throughout his course, Dr. Goddard stressed how important it is for caregivers and experts to identify the quiet pleas for support that are shown in behaviors like poor self-worth, anger/rage, and school refusal.

Supporting early Teen Girls: The course taught by Dr. Goddard centered on the important factors to take into account while working with early teens, including assessments, interventions, placements, and family support. Bluefire Wilderness Therapy Reviews is a comprehensive strategy that incorporates family participation, mentorship, and in-person therapy can be used to address the detrimental effects of excessive screen usage and disrupted development. Professionals can help these young people regain their ambitions and dreams by giving them back their dignity, self-efficacy, and confidence.


In order to better align with these attributes of trauma-informed care, Bluefire Wilderness Therapy Reviews has been accredited by the Association for Experiential Education and maintains state licensure. The organization is constantly being held to account for best practices in safety, reliability, and transparency as well as an awareness of the effects of gender, cultural, and historical issues on treatment.

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