Brightening up your house with modern furniture

Whether you live in a small apartment or have a dreamy layout, there are a slew of creative furniture ideas that can make you enjoy your living space much more. When it comes to interior designing, you may probably be doing almost everything right but still, your rooms may appear boring and lifeless, and that is the lack of brightness. To enhance the ecstasy of your modern home, opt for furniture that will give your ambience an extensive charm.

Explore the wide range of furniture at Urban Ladder which expertly combines style and convenience. Here are some quick home décor styling tips, which will bolster your sense of beauty and let you sprinkle magic in the corners of your home.

Shining coffee tables – By adding a statement piece of furniture you can add life to the space, and a unique and elegant coffee table can be the perfect way to do this. From morning tea to evening chit chats over a cup of coffee, everything happens around the omnipresent coffee table. Consider glass, mirror, or polished marble coffee tables for their light reflective qualities.

Coloured chairs – One example of a modern piece of furniture that could add a contemporary twist to any home are chairs in dramatic colours. Invest in an accent chair, a functional piece that can be treasured for years to come, and remember the bolder the better. Red is usually used in the living or dining room to create a strong first impression and also, to draw people together and stimulate conversation.

Bright accessories – When it comes to home décor, gravitate towards brighter colours to brighten up your home. Look for impressive elements that will brighten up the room by its gorgeous shape, colour, and style. Soft furnishings like cushions and rugs can add pops of colours as well as brighten up an area. The ever-shining charm and multipurpose use of the floor lamps are striking with adequate brightness to your interior. Show-stopping wall arts give a radiant touch that adds colour, pattern, and an extra layer of interest, and also nods to a modern aesthetic.

Velvet sofas – A sofa is the heart of your living room and is used day in and day out, so make sure it is durable and comfortable. The freshened-up look of a plush velvet sofa draws everyone’s attention and does not shirk from making a statement. The soft and rich fabric on the sofa will create a stylish yet restful space to chill out and relax.

Mirrors – If there are corners or areas of the room which don’t see much daylight or don’t have any access to a light source, then consider placing a mirror there. Well-placed mirrors can transform a home, bouncing light around and giving an impression of depth to your room. A mirror is a golden gem so hang a large contemporary mirror or experiment with a grouping of smaller mirrors to breathe new life into a plain wall.

Hope this blog gives you more than enough inspiration to brighten up your home with the right kind of furniture, and decorative accents. Incorporate these eclectic approaches to create a home full of atmosphere.