Buildertrend Demo Vs Acumatica Demo: Latest Features and Pricing

Buildertrend is the leading cloud-based construction project management software utilized by homebuilders, remodeling contractors, and specialized contractors. Since 2006, we have equipped the construction industry with a superior method of building. The Acumatica Cloud ERP is the most effective business management solution for digitally resilient organizations. Designed for mobile and telework environments and easily linked with your preferred collaboration tools. Acumatica provides growing small and mid-market enterprises with operational flexibility, efficiency, and continuity. And buildertrend demo can be organized to familiarize oneself with the software.

This guide will help you elucidate on the latest features, pricing and reviews of the two softwares. Stay tuned to find out more about them! 

Buildertrend Software

BuilderTREND is a residential construction project management solution developed for homebuilders, specialist contractors, bespoke builders, and renovators. The program provides construction companies with a cloud-hosted solution so they can effortlessly manage more projects, accelerate project completion, and reduce costly operations and errors. BuilderTREND addressed bidding requests, building proposals, and single-entry estimates for the pre-sale procedure in order to aid enterprises in acquiring projects. The software’s mobile application may be accessed through smartphone, giving you the freedom to work on projects whenever and whenever you choose.

Buildertrend Key Features

Bid Management

Buildertrend will eliminate the hassle associated with managing bids and get an accurate quote. Buildertrend enables you to quickly request, manage, and award bids so that you can maximize your profit margins.

Quick Invoice Changes

Produce line-item bills and invoices from estimates, change orders, and client selection sheets by integrating with QuickBooks or Xero, which maintains a centralized center for bookkeeping activities. Users may also accept online payments and set payment reminders to ensure transactions are completed on time.

Time Tracking

Manage time for office staff and field teams using a time clock that allows employees to clock in and out via a mobile app, so that users are always aware of the total number of hours accrued by each employee. It can monitor who clocks in and out over a certain period, generate payroll records, and display a crew member’s precise location on a virtual map.

Easy Communication

Deliver project-update notifications to teams, subcontractors, and clients using daily logs, so that everyone is always on the same page. Users may also record weather changes automatically and take notes using voice-to-text technology to ensure that their staff always work in favorable conditions and are prepared for any unforeseen circumstances.

Buildertrend Pricing

Buildertrend comes with two pricing plans. The first one is the Core Plan that starts at $99 per month and the Pro Plan that starts at a price of $399 per month. There are a few differences between the two plans, as the Core lacks some of the features offered in the Pro like bids, budgets, surveys etc. 

Buildertrend Demo

When searching for suitable software, a demonstration is quite useful. Prior to purchasing a piece of software, demos provide subscribers with a preview of its features and specs. This service is also provided by Buildertrend, and a demo can be organized to familiarize oneself with the software.

Buildertrend Reviews

Ample assistance for newcomers/employees. Users have talked about how the software considers comments on ways to disguise software more effectively. Reminders, schedules, and to-do lists significantly increase employee productivity. Lead management is included in a single application. Financial reports are convenient. Track your POS with ease.

Acumatica Software 

The Acumatica Cloud ERP is the most effective business management solution for converting your organization to survive in the new digital economy. Through cutting-edge technology, industry-leading business capabilities, and customer-centric business processes, Acumatica delivers unmatched value to small and midsize businesses. Integrated workflows encompass the complete spectrum of company management software, including Financials, Project Accounting, Inventory Management, and CRM. Acumatica is developed on a future-proof platform with an open architecture designed for scalability, usability, and quick integrations.

Acumatica Key Features

Cloud-based Platform

Build a future-proof, mobile business platform designed for artificial intelligence and machine learning, with open connections and rapid development tools to support your business demands for decades.


Partner with an ERP industry specialist that is entirely focused on your business application. Choose a seasoned ERP provider focused on the expansion of mid-market firms and organizations through the use of cutting-edge technologies.

Efficient Functionality

Expand your company or organization with the help of an all-inclusive and integrated business management suite that features top-of-the-line business and industry capabilities, potent automation, and configurable choices that can be tailored to your specific needs.

Acumatica Pricing 

Acumatica software has not posted their pricing plans on their website but interested users/buyers can contact the vendor for information related to the cost.

Acumatica Demo

Want to evaluate the functioning of this product before making a purchase? You can schedule a free  acumatica demo of this software to see for yourself how it operates. A comprehensive Acumatica demonstration will familiarize you with the features that can help your organization achieve success.

Acumatica Reviews

Acumatica is the one-stop-shop for accounting, inventory, sales, and purchasing, among other functions. It is uncommon for technology to function smoothly without the need for hacks or workarounds, but Acumatica is one of the exceptions. In addition, Acumatica can handle all facets of your organization. Built from the bottom up to being cloud-based, this solution offers a rich user environment with the speed of a client-based system.

Concluding Thoughts

The first and foremost thing to notice is that both softwares have their pros and cons. Users need to make sure they analyze each after thoroughly going through all the features and details. The experts at Acumatica have been analyzing customer feedback to develop the most effective solutions. The most recent software update is loaded with new features and enhancements. As a result, this programme is now even more effective and useful. Similarly, Buildertrend’s UI is user-friendly and simple to navigate. It takes some time to become familiar with its tools due to the abundance of available features. Users can submit bid proposals, schedule, issue invoices, collect money, and perform surveys, among other things.