Cabinet Installation Prep- An All You Need to Know Guide

Elegant cabinet designs are a good start to upgrading your kitchen. They can give your cooking space a new and individualized touch. For a smooth and successful cabinet installation, you will need to prepare. 

Here is a guide on how to prepare your kitchen for luxurious cabinets: 

Disassemble the Old Kitchen Cabinets

If you’re renovating an outdated kitchen, remove any parts of the old cabinets to create sufficient room for the new one. When dismounting the cabinets, wear protective gear such as a mask, goggles, and gloves. This can increase your safety throughout the preparation. 

You can hire a specialist to help you dismount all your cabinets. This may save time and verify that your cupboards are disassembled safely to be sold or donated later. 

Check Your Kitchen Utilities Plumbing

Confirm that your plumbing work for electricity, water, and waste is not in the way of the new cabinet. You want to avoid cutting through your new cabinets in search of wires or pipes. 

Make sure that you have a map of your entire kitchen plan. This helps you identify a convenient space for installation, free from your kitchen utilities. If the plumbing system does not accommodate your project, consider changing the layout of your kitchen. This is necessary if you are:

  • Expanding your kitchen 
  • Looking to add more electrical systems (such as switches and sockets)
  • Switching up the location of the plumbing, electrical, and gas feeds

Spare some days to change the layout of your kitchenette. This allows you to pay attention to every room aspect for an appealing turnaround. You might need professional help to speed up the process of modifying your kitchen. They can be more efficient as they are experienced in renovating spaces. 

Prepare the Walls for Cabinet Installation 

If you want clean walls or change the color of the walls occupied by your new cabinet, do it now. Once installed, it can be difficult to alter the wall’s appearance. Clean, dry, and paint the walls with your preferred color. Use roller strokes to achieve an evenly painted wall. 

Add a layer of primer to protect your paint from breaking or staining. Cooking and moving objects in the kitchens can increase the risk of scratching the walls. With primer, your remodeled kitchenette may retain its new look for years. 

Clean the Kitchen Space 

Vacuum and sweep the cabinet area off any dust, debris, or wood remains from previous procedures. This helps you host the cupboard in a clean space and create a leveling ground for balance. 

If you are also renovating your floor, do it before the installation date. This gives you ample working space to fit the cabinet. Remember to cover your fresh floor with protective drop sheets. You don’t want scratches on your floor as your cabinet is brought in. 

Create Sufficient Indoor Work Space 

A sufficient working area increases the efficiency of installing your cabinet. It enables the installers to have free space to fix all parts appropriately. If you’re considering a custom cabinet, work with your installer on your preferred cabinet size. This enables you to create ample space for your cabinet and that for the renovators. 

Secure the Site for the Installers

Create a clear driveway for your installers to bring in the cabinet and equipment. This includes creating a park spacing for the truck carrying the cabinetry. Your renovators will have an easier time unloading the cabinet. 

Make sure your space has adequate lighting to make it easy for the installers to run their operations. This can increase their safety as they easily allocate any wires or equipment on the floor. 

Involve Your Installers

After setting everything up, it’s time to consult the experts. Ask them if there are other preparations to make before cabinet installation. This helps you meet all the necessary measures for a successful and stress-free installation. 

Get Superior Cabinets Designs Today!

A modern, high-quality, and functional kitchen requires superior cabinets. They occupy the greatest part of your kitchenette. To remodel your kitchen with custom cabinets, consider following these steps. Work alongside professionals to have a seamless cabinet installation process.