Can CBD Cream Help Tackle Back Pain?

Maintaining good health is an optimum requirement to become successful in life. You might wonder how a healthy body is linked to a person’s success? Well, you can’t work if you are not physically fit. And not just physical fitness, social and mental well-being is also necessary to achieve success. Keeping good mental health is done through meditation, yoga, spiritual things, and good food and exercise. Social well-being means having good connections among peers, good communication skills, integrity, and discipline.

Exercise can help reduce several kinds of pain in the human body. In Layman’s terms, pain means a highly unpleasant sensation caused by illness or injury. There are four ways in which pain can occur in the body. They are:

  • Nociceptive: The cause behind this kind of pain is the stimulation of the sensory nerve fiber due to an approaching stimulus or a stimulus that is crossing the harmful intensity. Neuropathic: When the nervous system is affected by a specific disease or damage, a Neuropathic form of pain arises. Burns, a cut, and electric shock can generate this type of pain.
  • Psychogenic: Mental and emotional stress is a causative agent behind the psychogenic form of pain. Behavioral changes occur due to this pain. Headache, stomach pain, and back pain are a few others.
  • Nociplastic: Pain that arises due to a change in nociception is known as neoplastic pain. Fibromyalgia is an example of this pain.

Back pain, as the name suggests, is discomfort in the back. Back pain may arise due to several reasons. As statistics show, nine out of ten experience back pain, confirming that back pain is “common.” Studies also say that 95% of the population experience back pain. Most people suffer from mild or moderate back pain. 

Most people use gels and creams to relieve pain in the muscles. A new line of products called CBD cream for pain is also available in the organic market. Can it resolve back pain? Let us find out.

What Is CBD?

Industrial hemp from the Cannabaceae family is the source of Cannabidiol. The leaves are used for the extraction of the compound by various companies. CBD accounts for up to 38% of the natural extract. Many studies show that CBD can find its usage in pain, discomfort, anxiety, and movement disorders. But it isn’t confirmed yet, and many organizations have strict regulations on the products made from CBD. The product range includes CBD oil, gummies, oil, and cream. People consume Cannabidiol in many ways; these include inhalation of smoke, an aerosol spray, a moisturizer for the skin, and an edible form. CBD in the ‘manufactured foods’ is illegal under regulations.

Researchers consider CBD products to have a lot less percentage of THC. Thus, the intoxication effect isn’t much in CBD products. Research has suggested that CBD has potential anti-anxiety and anti-psychotic effects. The UK government regulations state that Products containing CBD should not have more than 0.3% of THC in the United States of America. The same applies to the products in the United Kingdom. The percentage changes to 0.2% THC, and the effects should come from an EU-approved Hemp strain. 

The Problem Of Back Pain

We already know that back pain occurs in 9 out of 10 people. According to experts, at least 80% of the population will experience back pain at some point in their lives.

Most people experience back pain that arises due to no underlying conditions. This pain is nonspecific and can result from muscle or ligament injury. Mostly this is a case of mild or moderate pain but may persist and take an acute shape. 

How would CBD Cream Help with Back Pain?

CBD cream is a full-body treatment and doesn’t focus on a single body part. CBD is known to provide relaxation and pain relief. It is anti-inflammatory, which is the number one reason that indicates CBD might reduce back pain. It improves insomnia and improves the state of relaxation by lowering stress. Back pain develops due to stress, and studies have also shown that CBD might help fight stress and anxiety because of the euphoric feeling. 

Might Help With Muscle Pain

Some researchers believe that CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid receptors in the brain- also called the ECS system. Its anti-inflammatory properties may help in pain reduction. Studies reveal that oils are more effective than topicals because applying topicals to a specific area might be messy. CBD patches are also a viable option to try.

Might Promote Calmness

CBD, an extract from the cannabis plant, provides the patient with a euphoric feeling. It may help in the relaxation of the mind and gives sound sleep. Additionally, a calm body helps in the peace of the mind and promotes wellness. There is a high probability that a small amount of THC in the products produces a euphoric feeling and a “mind relaxing” effect.

Might Help With Sleep

As CBD cream may promote calmness in the patient’s body, sleep would be good. The pain-relief feature of CBD is also a unique feature of the products. Good sleep is required to lessen the amount of pain. If studies show promising results, CBD products would be an excellent product to try. 

Is CBD Cream Legal?

CBD is a hemp-driven product. If the products maintain the regulations stated in the Farm Bill, 2018, then it is legal. CBD cream is legal until and unless the extraction is from hemp, it contains less than or equal to 0.2% of THC, adheres to state and federal laws, and is grown by a person who is a license holder. Federal legality doesn’t mean it is legal in every state. Some states do not recognize CBD products as legal. It is essential to check the particular state’s laws before engaging in any transaction.


Research is ongoing in the field of CBD. Researchers are studying these extensively to know its use’s possible side effects or chronic side effects. But the studies till now show promising results. If it is possible to lower the number of side effects in the future, the product would have more excellent usability. People are gradually adopting organic measures. CBD is an organic alternative to synthetic medicines. The potential benefits are great, and the word CBD is spreading globally.