Can I cancel my enrolment in PSM certification & get a refund?

The professional scrum master, which also includes training and team-based activities, explains the fundamental concepts underlying the Scrum and Agile approaches. Advanced thought strategies for servant leadership and cultural adjustments are covered throughout the program. The PSM I, PSM II, and PSM III certificate examinations are all covered under the professional scrum master qualification offered in India. It is not necessary to pay additional fees or renew your certificate on an annual basis because the PSM Certification in India is recognized for life.

What is PSM?

A form of certificate program called Professional Scrum Master helps managers of teams or organizations improve their servant leadership skills. Many reputable firms place a strong emphasis on ingraining this talent through PSM and other comparable certifications because Scrum experts are recognized for the organization’s efficient functioning.

A PSM is renowned for quickly creating and delivering products by dividing the work into sprint-style iterations. The servant leader principle aids in achieving the objective quickly and without any mistakes, and PSM ensures that outcomes are adequate after each sprint. It has caused the PSM certification to become more complex, especially for industries outside of IT.

What Do Professional Scrum Master Training Courses Teach?

  • Simply put, Scrum is a method that makes it easy to go through the whole creation process. Although one should strive toward the organization’s purpose, individuals could move at their particular speed. Execute the assignment on schedule while feeling satisfied with the work. Yes, engaging in regular stand-up meetings, having to accept the scrum timeframe, talking about how to enhance during sprint recaps, and completing backlog items one at a time are all practical methods for working on software development that will ultimately result in a product that meets customer expectations.
  • When you observe other teams using Scrum, it appears simple, yet it is challenging to apply. There are difficulties, judgments, and many other things. Certified Scrum Master Training will be really helpful in this situation. One will be able to master the agile methodology practically thanks to this training. On the move, one may construct a scrum process and participate in activities. Analyze the backlog in great detail with each member, create charts, and anticipate it in narrative points. Take a test to understand how to use scrum and agile ideas while writing user stories for practice projects.

What could be the reasons for going for the Professional Scrum Master Course?

  • Become well-versed in the scrum framework. Adapt your perspective to daily tasks.
  • Continue to be appealing Scrum Master 
  • Certification demonstrates your proficiency. 
  • Change the workplace’s environment from a conventional one to an agile one. 
  • Work more productively with your colleagues. 
  • Help others by sharing your fundamental understanding of Scrum. 
  • Win ventures with skilled personnel 
  • A symbol of respect.

What are the cancellation and refund policies?

When you enroll for the PSM certification training, it includes the cost of training plus certification exam fee.  

And if you do not wish to continue the training after enrolling, you can cancel the training. You can ask for the refund, and it will be done as per institute’s terms and conditions.  

Therefore, you can not get a refund if you wish not to get PSM certification after joining the training.


PSM certification can help you scale your career, enhancing your both technical and leadership skills.  If you want to know more about PSM certification, then you can check out as it is the PSM Governing Body.  It has resources, forums and blogs offering  ongoing learning opportunities.