Cannabis Marketing: Go Digital to Grow Your Brand

There are so many creative and realistic ways to use digital marketing to build your cannabis brand. Before anything else though, getting your primary branding asset set up properly is key. 

Since packaging is the first point of interaction between the customer and your product, you should consider investing in great custom packaging.

We will discuss other strategies you can use to build your online presence.

Let’s dive in.

1. Know the challenges encountered in the cannabis industry

Unlike other industries, cannabis businesses are faced with significant restrictions. This is because cannabis and its byproducts have not yet been legalized everywhere, which makes it impossible to advertise, market, and sell in some states.

Starting an advertising campaign that does not align with the law will cause problems for your business. Knowing the challenges you will face in packaging, labeling, marketing, and advertising is quite important.  

2. Hold your ads on cannabis-friendly networks

Don’t be troubled by the fact that most ad networks don’t host cannabis adverts. Some networks have sprung up to address this issue! Advertise on such platforms and get the word out about your cannabis products.

3. Expand your social media following

Although there are many challenges as far as marketing cannabis off the mainstream channels, you can devise other ways to ensure you are noticed. To get people talking about you, you need to reach out to them.

Social media gives you a platform where you can showcase your distinct voice, brand’s sense of humor, and mission. This is where you get to meet and interact with your customers. Depending on how you converse with them and address their concerns, they can become your mouthpieces.

You may choose to pay an influencer. Search for people that are a good fit for your business and whose following are the kind of people you are targeting.

4. Plan strategic damage control

When planning the expansion of your brand, keep in mind that some unexpected things could happen.

Did you or your influencer write something insensitive, inconsistent, or something that didn’t go well with the audience? Prepare a strategic damage control to help your brand stay on its feet.

5. Make an effective action plan

You will need to come up with a digital marketing strategy. This is a corporate plan that includes a sequence of tasks to accomplish along the way and tools for evaluating performance.

Consider using the following media: 

Owned media

refers to your company’s social media channels as well as your website. Make the most of these since it is a cheap advertising medium.

Paid media

is another medium of advertising that you should consider.

Earned media 

refers to customers or people who have discovered your business and are telling others about it. These people could have seen you through the other two media or bought your product and loved it. For great online presence, generate good content that people can relate to.

Over to You

Establishing good relationships on social media is very critical for cannabis brands. The type of images you upload on your website, social media, and ad networks determines whether you pique the interest of your audience or not. Therefore, effective custom packaging should be your top priority.

Contact an experienced packaging company that is well-versed in cannabis packaging and labeling laws.