Cody Orlove: Bio, Age, Girlfriend, Net Worth, Career

Cody Orlove

Cody Orlove is not a small star. In fact, he is a great face of TikTok, who is gaining fame on YouTube and had over 1.7 million followers on Instagram. It is showing the impact this social media star has made. Cody was born on August 17, 2001, in Chicago, Illinois, United States. It does show that his zodiac sign is Leo and his nationality is American. Cody is a part of the white ethnicity and does follow the Christian religion. Zoe Laverne is the ex-girlfriend of TikTok star Cody. They did part ways in June 2020. It did even hurt their long-made YouTube channel with over 1.04 million subscribers. His age is 21 years. 

Physical Stats of Cody Orlove

Cody Orlove is a handsome man, standing 5 feet and 8 inches tall. Being a face in front of the camera, she does take care of his fitness very well. Hence, he weighs around 62 kg.

Cody Orlove
Cody Orlove and his tattoos

His body measurements are 42-28-35 inches. Cody does have blue eyes and blonde hair. He has not done any cosmetic surgery for elevating his looks. However, Cody has made so many tattoos, which is obvious as he is from the modern age. He also pushes hard so others can get the motivation to adapting fitness.  

Cody Orlove: Early Life 

Cody Orlove does hold the fabrics from Chicago, Illinois, United States, where he was born and bred. Rick Orlove is his father and Sue Orlove is Cody’s mother. He is blessed two have three siblings named Lexi, Courtney and Anthony Orlove. Being a brother of three siblings, it does help him to spend his childhood at best. As his parents were earning good sums, even when they were growing up, it did help Cody to live the best of childhood. He was huge professional wrestling, WWE, fan. Cody does also like to watch NFL, NBA and UFC. He was also a good student academically. Cody is a high school graduate.   

Love Life of Cody Orlove

Cody Orlove came to the limelight after starting to date the world-famous Zoe Laverne. They fell in love in 2017 and did live as a pair for three years. Even they made a YouTube channel named “Cody & Zoe”. It has 1.4 million subscribers. However, after their break-up, they did stop making videos.

Last video of Cody & Zoe on YouTube before parting ways in early 2021

One can see all 66 videos to see their golden moments. The pair did part ways in 2020. It was indeed a hard take for both. Now they are happy in their new lives, with Zoe having someone special in her life. She is now happy with social media star Dawson Day. They did welcome a baby into their life in 2021. It does show how well they have changed their life. 

Cody Orlove: Professional Career 

Cody Orlove is a TikTok star, who is now famous on YouTube and Instagram. Having over 839K subscribers does show how famous he is. Cody does earn money from TikTok, YouTube and Instagram mostly. It does show its multiple platforms to earn money. 

Cody: “It does take a lot to entertain people and I do feel happy to see so many people feeling happy with my content. It does indeed give me the boost to keep on working hard and making quality content.”  

It does show the fact how well Cody does take his profession. He started his career at a very young age. At that time, he did not even dream of reaching this great level. Hence, many children do see him as an inspiration to follow. 

Even his YouTube videos are a product of TikTok. It does show that it is the best platform for him. He is also the founder of TheNFTNinjas. It does show his class in investing money in modern trends. 

Social Media 

Cody Orlove is the king of TikTok, having millions of views and followers. It is just that TikTok is banned in India; otherwise, he would have made even a better impact. 

Cody and his signature YouTube video!

On Instagram, Cody has over 1.7 million followers. He does like to share his professional and personal life on Insta. Cody has a YouTube channel, which holds over 839K subscribers. On Twitter, Cody has more than 60K followers. He did join Twitter in October 2019.   

Net Worth

The net worth of Cody Orlove is estimated at around 2 million. He has indeed got many streams of income, which does make him a very good investor. 

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