Criteria for An HOA Manager to Sell Real Estate in Flagstaff

HOA managers (Homeowners Associations) are experts responsible for regulating and managing residential communities including condominiums, townhomes, and planned neighborhoods. They serve as a mediator between homeowners and the HOA board, conducting daily operations, enforcing neighborhood regulations, coordinating maintenance and repairs, overseeing finances, and planning neighborhood activities. 

HOA managers are essential in Flagstaff, Arizona in maintaining the standard of living and property values in these neighborhoods by ensuring that residents’ needs and concerns are successfully handled.

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However, the major drawback of HOA managers is that they don’t necessarily need to be licensed by any authorities. This means homeowners cannot file a complaint against HOA managers with the ADRE, Arizona Department of Real Estate. This means, the ADRE lacks the power of checking their accuracy and auditing their financial records. Hence, in case of any discrepancies, the residents will have to contact a lawyer. 

Thus, members of the association need to follow these cautions to prevent any improper behavior of the HOA managers or the management firm in Flagstaff –

  • The board of members should check if the HOA managers are licensed agents because such managers will understand the real estate law better and abide by the regulations. Moreover, a licensed entity includes proper background checks, FBI fingerprints as well as credibility. 
  • They should be able to provide the fidelity bond whenever requested by the members. This fidelity bond will have the details of all transactions including loss that should match with the association’s fund estimates. 
  • It is important to verify if the financial tasks are being divided properly among the management. This will ensure that only one person isn’t handling all the tasks like taking work orders, managing checks, maintaining records, etc., which reduces the chance of scams. 
  • The HOA managers should be trustworthy and experienced. This can be identified by knowing the number of associations the management company handles, this will also help in getting feedback for the company.

The board’s diligence in gathering all this information mentioned above ensures that it makes an informed choice that protects the association’s financial stability and operational effectiveness. Hence, choose wisely when hiring an HOA manager in Flagstaff and always seek advice from all individuals participating as members of the association. 

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