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Apps have become essential parts of human life since the arrival of smartphones. Like there are some apps that have become as essential as water. But not all apps come for free. For many such users, Espacioapk is one such example as it is a hub of host of apps where paid version is cracked. Hence, it is the reason that people do use Espacio Apk app platform.

What is Espacioapk?

Espacioapk is a platform, which have tons of apps like one can find on Play Store or App Store. But the trick is that here you can download those apps that can provide one premium subscription of the app for free. Let’s say YouTube premium. The APK has been used by host of people to download the paid apps for free. This is the one and only reason behind people downloading apps from Espacio Apk app or website.

Name of
Size22 MB
Android Version Required5.00+

Espacioapk: Features

This platform has many features some of them are mention below.

  1. Good UI:- Espacioapk does have a very good UI. Like you visit their website, there are famous apps from sports, entertainment to more available on the homepage. Rest you can get from search bar.  Even they have section to play online games for free.
  2. Games section:- This platform is not all about downloading the app. But, it also has Online Games section where one can have many mobile friendly games. And it takes some seconds just to start playing the game for free.
  3. Not many pop up ads:- Despite being an app that comes under third-party, there are not many pop ads when one starts using the app or website and it gives them a great advantage.
  4. Regular updates:- This platform does provide time-to-time latest updates of the app to its users. And the regular updates allow the users to get the best features of the ap.
  5. Free:- This platform makes people’s money saved. But they do not charge any money from the users. This makes them work like App Store or Play Store.

Download Espacioapk APK:-

Espacio Apk does have APK and it be downloaded by following these steps…

  • Type Espacio APK on internet.
  • And now after pressing the enter button, there will be website coming letting people download the APK file.
  • Now go into the website and the homepage will show download now option.
  • Now just download the APK file and then install into your system. 

Download an App from Espacio Apk Platform

  • Espacio Apk has official website
  • Open that and the homepage would be showing some of the most famous apps.
  • Now download the apps you want like it happens on App Store.

This is it, but these apps would comes from a third-party, so it might be leading to some virus

Espacioapk: Pros

  • It allows users free to download the premium apps.
  • From the angle of cost saving, many see it as a great alternative.
  • The apps are legit and they work normally.
  • Most of the apps that people pay are available for free.
  • They have app and website to download the content.
  • The makers of the APK do not charge user for downloading the app.
  • Not just that, they have online games option the app or website. Here one can play many mobile-friendly games for free.
  • Any need of signing in or sign up is not needed.
  • Never the makers demand any bank details or credit card information.

Espacioapk: Cons

  • The app even allows to let Torrent app download.
  • It comes under a section of torrent apps.
  • It hits overall subscription of many apps like Netflix and others.
  • Third-party apps are not seen safe to download.
  • This brings more third-party apps into your system.
  • Downloading the apps can lead malware virus into the system.
  • The app can be downloaded from just APK mode.
  • The platform is banned from host of nations.

Is Espacioapk Legal?

Espacioapk comes under the family of torrent and third-party app platform. Like Netflix does not apply to be under Espacio apk. They do let the users download the app from their own channels. And that they provide premium apps for free. This shows that app is not at all legal. It is even banned by the host of nations. But as the global cybers laws are not united, there are many users using the app for free.

Is it safe: Espacioapk?

Espacio Apk is used by many users. And there is no report as such on internet where the app is the key reason behind any problem for a user. But a third-party app can’t be said that it is 100 per cent safe to use the app.

Hence, a user has to read everything before thinking that using the app would be 100 per cent safe. SSL certificate is a plus point, but that can’t say 100 per cent that using the app is safe and free.  

How Espacio App make money?

It makes the money from app. But Google ad does not support them and hence, they make their own deals and it helps them to get all the money and not pay any commission. But some of the ads can be uncomfortable to watch with a family member.


Espacioapk is a platform that allows a user to download premium apps for free. Even it huge section of playing the online games. It works on both website and app platform. The usage of this website is totally free. But coming under torrent background, it is not something they can feel proud of. So it is all about thinking many times before using the platform.


Q. What is Espacioapk?

It is a platform that provides premium apps to be downloaded for free.

Q. Is Espacio Apk a real website?

It is a real website and it works for downloading premium apps for free.

Q. How many apps Espacio Apk allows to download in a day?

A user can download unlimited apps in a day from the website or app store.

Q. Does Espacioapk have online games?

It has a section where there are host of online games that a user can play.

Q. How to contact Espacio apk?

It can be contacted at according to their contact us page.

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