Everything you have to know about the blood relationship concept

Blood relation or blood relationship can be a tricky part of logical reasoning. So, if you want to pass the bank examination with flying colours, you must be well-versed in this topic. After all, questions regarding blood relations come in the exam constantly. Although they might be effortless to solve, the questions are designed in a tricky manner. You will have to find the blood relationship questions pdf online and download it from any bank preparation website. You must practise daily to solve any tricky questions. But make sure that you read the questions correctly, and you might also require to draw a flowchart to attain a final result. You can try scoring more marks in this section. But what exactly is this concept? And are there certain types? You can read this article and learn about the blood relationship concept.

What is blood relation?

In blood relations, the relationship between two individuals is defined by birth, not marriage. So, essentially, it shows the relationship by birth among family members. You must understand a chain of relationships and solve the problems. Although the data might not be specific, you must read and understand the relations between two family members. Hence, it is essential to know the entire hierarchical structure, consisting of three generations below and above.  

What are the different terms for blood relationships?

Various terms of blood relationships show the relationship between two individuals. For instance, your father’s or mother’s son is a brother, whereas your father’s daughter or mother’s daughter is a sister. In addition, your uncle or aunt’s son and daughter are called cousins, and the father or mother of your grandfather and grandmother are your great-grandfather and great-grandmother or great-grandparents. So, you must remember all such terms and more before solving the problems. 

What are the types of blood relations?

There are various types of blood relationships, and you will find all of them in the logical reasoning section. Some of them include family trees, introducing or pointing and coded relations. Here are the following three types of blood relation and you can find out more about them.

  1. Family tree or chart: You can elaborate on the relationship between two family members by making or designing a family chart or tree. So, you will come across questions that allow you to make a chart or tree and utilise the laws. For instance, Raj and Rahul are brothers, and Priya and Sneha are sisters. In addition, Raj’s son is Sneha’s sibling. So, to know the connection between Rahul and Priya, you will have to design a tree. Since Raj’s son is Sneha’s brother, making Raj the father of Priya. And the answer is uncle because the father’s brother, Rahul, is the uncle. 
  1. Introducing or pointing: In such questions, individuals have to visually introduce or point to a family member. It is essential to solving the questions logically. For instance, pointing towards Arya, it was said her mother is your father’s aunt. In such a scenario, her mother means Arya’s mother. 
  1. Coded blood relations: As the name suggests, coded blood relations help establish family relationships or blood relations using symbols and special characters. For instance, if A+B means A is the daughter of B and C x D means C is the son of B, so you will have to understand such coded blood relationships. 

You can attain blood relationship questions pdf online from bank preparation exam websites. You might have to subscribe and download it. Indeed, it will help you practise well and score excellently.