Gorgias and how it helps in the process of support enquiries

There are benefits associated with a unified form of a support system, though there is a need to balance between automation and live customer support. Gorgias ETL is multi-channel helpdesk software that enables e-commerce merchants to leverage customer support into sales. You are going to manage all support tickets from a single premise as automated responses to frequent requests tends to occur as they can provide quick service. All the sources of communication are linked to a single place, like a CRM. The procedure is to help the customer agents become super agents, where they are able to process enquiries quickly and in a timely manner.

Close to 90 % of their clients are from Shopify stores, which may be direct to direct consumer brands. For managing communications, they provide an interface due to their customer at scale, though it may differ across channels. All the aggregate of them turns out at the workplace.

The user cases of Gorgias

An example of a user case of Gorgias is when someone tries to return an item that they have purchased from your business. On the platform the customer service agent will be requested, and rather than logging on to different platforms to process the return, only a single button is to be clicked that would take them to the return platform. So even when they are not undertaking returns, it is enabled through the solution of the partner, that is integrated as part of the software.

Another example is when a client responds to an automatic generated SMS software. They turn out to be great options for sending out outbound messages, but it is not a great option of managing communication with the client. With the help of this platform, all the communications can be integrated with the customer service help desk for further handling. But before that, we need to have an idea of what Gorgias is all about.

The mistakes with customer support automation and how you can avoid them

A mistake that people end up making when they automate customer support is the deflection of tickets. Rather than customer inquiries reach out to the customer support team an attempt is made to resolve them through FAQ questions along with other forms of bots that are not precise. So an attempt is being made to cope up with FAQs that do not relate to the customer concerns in any manner.

The need of the hour is to develop a nimble, automation process for the customers. A manner exists where you need to undertake automation in a precise manner. In fact, the leading brand is able to automate 20 % of their customer service enquiries as this is what you will be able to achieve if you do not sacrifice the interaction in any way.

The kind of data that is collected and what you plan to achieve out from the same

The mission of the company is to provide exceptional customer service and they are equipped with the necessary tools. Data collection tends to occur based on the orders, the number of customers and so on. But it is all about what the company has and no one else goes on to process the same. This is linked more to the performance of the customer service team. If after talking to a customer service team sales is driven, it may be assigned to the agent, and they are given due credit for it. The bigger picture is that it can be proved to the customer service agent and the business that are they vital factors that have driven sales. There is a need to empower all those people and what better way than automation to do the same. In a way it is relevant to a business as with online sales, the key happens to be customer service.

But due to the Covid outbreak there has been a dip on the sales front. At this point of time people were cautious and did not want to spend their money. Though currently there has been a spike in the use of the products.

The trends along with technologies that are of particular interest in these modern times

An interesting feature that has drawn in a lot of attention in the last few years is chatbots. In the last few years or so when it was coming up, it did seem like a promising solution, but we come across the fact that they are not working in the manner that it is supposed to do so. A better approach would be to provide superpowers to the customer service agents, where you go on to link up all the technologies together.

The companies are known to work on different pieces of customer experience. An attempt is being made to formulate all the functionalities of the interface in a single place for customer service agents, so no longer they have to shuffle among numerous platforms. It is for this reason that they do have all the technologies that work in a single place.

A strong API is necessary that would build, and you need to ensure that all the solutions are going to speak to one another. This is bound to be the case even if it was developed by different companies that it is one of the factors that drive innovation and move forward. An example that comes to mind is Shopify that did help thousands of small entrepreneurs to develop API successfully.

It is evident that the future is all about solutions or integrations that have been the subject of discussion till now. The more solutions can interact with each other and intertwine the more seamless experience is bound to be there for a user. There is not a single business that would not be able to address all the queries at the front desk or post-sales query. But the moment you have technologies that are in a single place would make the possibilities endless.