Guadalupe Rodríguez : Mother of Jennifer Lopez, Bio, Age & more

Guadalupe Rodríguez with Daughter Jennifer Lopez

Guadalupe Rodríguez is a famous mother of a famous daughter, while the world knows her as Jennifer Lopez’s mama, who is one of the most talked about personality around the world. Guadalupe, the word which hold huge values in Christian religion, was born on December 12, 1945 in the US territory of Puerto Rico. She is a proud Puerto Rician and has Sagittarius as her Zodiac sign. Talking about her religion beliefs, one thing is sure that Guadalupe is not a person who does make a visit to the Church every now and then, but that does not mean that Guadalupe does not take the world of Jesus carefully.

Guadalupe Rodríguez
Guadalupe Rodríguez

Guadalupe Rodríguez Age & Height

Guadalupe Rodríguez does not have a huge hight. She has a height of 5 feet and 2 inches. She has blonde hair and dark brown eyes, which does seem common in Latinas and mostly like to have boy cut. Her Feet size is 6 (US).

Hence, it does elevate her look. Unlike her famous child, she does not go the gym. Guadalupe is bit old school, so one can’t expect this from her as things were not too gym trendy back then. People do say that her smile is just magical. Till now, she does not have any tattoos on the body, Guadalupe has body measurements of 34-26-38 inches.

Guadalupe Rodríguez Early Life

Julia Rodriguez is the name of Guadalupe’s mother. However, she did not share the name of her father. Even Guadalupe has not shared golden stories about her siblings. While growing up, the biggest pastime she had which was to play with barbie dolls. Guadalupe studied in San Juan – but she never felt great in academics. It was extracurricular that did fascinate her all the time. She did sell even Tupperware for some time and worked even at school.

Guadalupe Rodríguez Family

Guadalupe Rodríguez did marry to David Lopez. The famous pair now did welcome three children. On 24 July 1969, Jennifer Lopez was born. Lynda Lopez graced this world on 14 June 1971. The third child of the pair is Leslie Lopez. Leslie married to Bob Scholl and they have two children named Steven and Brendon. She is the least famous among her siblings. It was Guadalupe who do play a huge role to make the lives of her children feel better as her relationship with David did not stand for a long time. The pair did part ways in 1999. For three children, it was not a great time to enjoy. Her child Lynda is famous for being an ‘Emmy Award’ winning journalist.

Guadalupe Rodríguez Family
Guadalupe Rodríguez Family

Guadalupe Rodríguez Career

Guadalupe Rodríguez’s does have great relationship with her children and similarly she did make an impact in her professional career too. Before Jennifer did not become the name that the world does not know, she was not very famous. She even did not let Jennifer start her acting and modelling career. It was Jennifer who did take this decision that did let her to become famous. Other than carrying the crown of celeb mother, she does a lot of work by helping her children. In 2014, Guadalupe created headlines with playing a leading role in Obama Administration’s #YourMomCares campaign.

She did also make an impact in Jennifer Lopez: Dance Again, which was a concert film. One did see her with Jennifer on ‘The Wendy Williams Show‘, which did happen in January 2015. New York City did host very event.   In 2015, she did make huge headlines after her world-famous child said on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon that her mother did win $2.4 million at The Borgata Casino in Atlantic City. As a mother, she has worked as a homemaker and has done all to make her family reach the highest level. This indeed does talk a lot about them.

Guadalupe Rodríguez Daughter Jennifer Lopez

Guadalupe does have a great relationship with Jennifer Lopez. She has not just raised her after moving to the United States – but has played a huge role to make Jennifer a lady she is now. At first, she wanted Jennifer to complete her collage days and then look for other things like becoming a model and actress. This decision of Jennifer did work for her mother as she had a dream of having that fame. She now works very well to help Jennifer to take care of her children named Emme Maribel Muñiz and Max Muñiz.

Jennifer Lopez Hot Bikini Look

Jennifer once said that her mother used to be the lady of the house and used to conduct most of the things in a positive manner. While growing up, she said that her mother used to beat shit out of her, which does seem to be a normal thing back then.  Guadalupe has a very close relationship with her beloved Jennifer Lopez. She is the reason behind her fame and success Jennifer has taken in her life. Guadalupe feels fortunate to have an independent child like Jennifer, who does help her a lot in having millions of USD at the bank. Both have the pure relationship as a mother and daughter has.

Guadalupe Net Worth

As of 2023, Guadalupe Rodríguez has a net worth of USD 7 million. It has been Jennifer who has helped her to get this big wealth. As for Daughter Jennifer Lopez when it comes to her net worth it is approximately estimated to be $400 Million in Dec 2022.

Guadalupe Social Media

Guadalupe is very old school, so does like to stay away from Instagram and other social media platforms. Other Hand her Daughter Jennifer Lopez has approx. 400 million followers across all her social media platforms such as twitter, Instagram, Facebook and other platform.


1. Who is the Husband of Guadalupe Rodríguez?

Ans. The husband of Guadalupe Rodríguez is David Lopez. The pair did part ways in 1999.

2. How Old Is Guadalupe Rodríguez?

Ans. Guadalupe Rodríguez is 77 years old as of 2013.

3. How Much Does Guadalupe Rodríguez Earn Per Year?

Ans. Guadalupe Rodríguez does get most of her financial backing from her famous daughter Jennifer Lopez. It is her who takes care of the mother’s finances.

4. What are the name of Guadalupe Rodríguez Daughters?

Ans. Guadalupe Rodríguez is blessed to have three daughters named Jennifer Lopez, Leslie Lopez and Lynda Lopez.

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