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Hamster Meme

The Hamster meme is one the most used meme templates of all time, it’s literally just a hamster staring into your screen. It is believed that this meme’s origin was actually instagram. The year in which this meme made it’s debut was 2019. This template consists of a hamster directly looking at the camera. He is staring into the screen like when human beings mistakenly open the front camera and see their own face. This meme is a macro image, meaning it is a picture which comes along with a funny or witty catchphrase. It is often used by reddit users.


The Hamster meme is being used in various social media platforms since a lot of time, around the year 2019. It was used for the first time on tiktok and instagram. The tiktok post included a lip sync meme which got over 124 thousand reactions and more than 13 thousand shares in the time span of less than a week. When it was used on the instagram app, a loop of the hamster video was posted which got a massive 15 thousand views and more than 4 thousand likes, again in less than a week. The same meme was posted on the iFunny meme platform anf the post got over 8.3 thousand smiles in a  short span of time. On january 19th, this template with a different meme was posted on twitter and it got over 82 thousand likes and more than 32 thousand retweets.

Hamster Meme


  • When you accidentally join the private video chat between the teacher and his A+ girl student in class.
  • Old people when they see a girl wearing pants above knees and blue hair color.
  • Bro, are you seriously using your phone in the middle of a google meet class?
  • My sleep paralysis demon watching me looking at memes at 3 AM.
  • When I accidentally open the front camera and realize how ugly I am.
  • My gf looking at me and my female best friend hug for the 19th time.
  • My Dad staring angrily at me after I said – I am not a kid anymore.
  • An edited video clip of kanye west being on a video call with the staring hamster.
  • My mom seeing me clean my room in a dream.

WHY ARE MEMES IMPORTANT? Memes are a way of sharing cultural information with the different people. Memes allow us to connect and spread joy. If memes wouldn’t exist then we wouldn’t have got such easy to digest information. The best way to learn new information and be up to date with the world is boring when we have to read long paragraphs, memes make learning and sharing information a fun process. The benefit of making and sharing memes are endless : you get your recognition for the ideas you use to generate memes, plus you communicate with your friends & family and share easily understandable information. This kind of shareability often relaxes people

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