How Can You Become a Professional Scrum Master (PSM™)?

Scrum is an advanced framework that is now incorporated by most companies for their projects. A Scrum team works together to achieve the same goal following the underlying principles and methods of this framework. A Professional Scrum Master (PSM™) is a person who handles this team and uses agile techniques for managing the project. A Scrum Master teaches the Scrum framework and tools to the other team members for desired outcomes. He/she is responsible for making the other team members understand the Scrum skills and work on the same principles to finish the project. PSM™ ensures the entire team must follow the agile principles and technology for completing the project. He is not responsible for making ideas for the project but has to collaborate with the team, stakeholders, product owner, and other people involved in the team.

It is important to get the Professional Scrum Master (PSM™) certification for management professionals because most companies use agile principles and the Scrum framework for handling projects. Moreover, the Agile methodology is becoming popular day by day as it helps companies to deliver a high-quality product to the stakeholders at the right time. The demand for Professional Scrum Masters and agile efficient individuals is growing rapidly. Therefore, one should master the Scrum skills and get the PSM™ certification to become successful in this field. 

Skills of a Professional Scrum Master™

A Scrum Master possesses specific skills and knowledge. He/she uses specific skills while interacting with the team and working on a project. 

Important Soft Skills Possessed by a Scrum Master

  • He/she has to interact with the team, help them to understand the Scrum principles, and communicate with them regularly.
  • A Scrum Master should have proper interpersonal skills for building a healthy relationship with the team members and other people involved in the project.
  • He/she is responsible for mentoring the team and inspiring them on every step to work efficiently on the project by using agile techniques and principles.
  • He/she acts as a problem solver and therefore a Scrum Master should also possess problem-solving strategies. A Scrum Master should create a positive environment to improve the work performance of every team member.
  • An agile framework is based on understanding the changes that may occur frequently. Therefore, the team members should be adapted to accept the change easily.

Technical Skills Required for Becoming a Professional Scrum Master™

A PSM™ should also possess the following technical skills for handling the given project efficiently:

  • A Scrum Master should have proper knowledge and skills of Scrum and agile technology. He/she should also teach Scrum skills and agile methodology to the team members for completing the project efficiently.
  • A Scrum Master should also have proper development and management skills. They should know the structure, processes, software management, and other requirements of the project to work efficiently.
  • He/she should use Scrum knowledge and techniques for improving the quality of the product to meet the specific requirements of the stakeholders.

Steps For Becoming a Professional Scrum Master

If you want to pursue a career as a Professional Scrum Master, you need to follow specific steps to achieve your aim.

  • Scrum Training 

A Scrum Master should have a proper understanding of the Scrum system. He/she should understand the agile methodology, terms, and phrases that can help in using the Scrum skills efficiently. Professional Scrum Master training is useful in understanding the basic and important Scrum skills. A Professional Scrum Master™ certification is important for becoming a successful Scrum Master. The PSM™ certification course will help the Scrum Master to gain proper knowledge of the Scrum framework, plan for delivering the product on time, understand the roadblocks in building the project, and help the team members to understand the Scrum principles.

  • Gain Technical Knowledge

A Scrum Master should possess the proper technical knowledge to work on the given project efficiently. Proper knowledge of product building will help the Scrum Master to remove the roadblocks. Therefore, a Scrum Master should know the proper terms and processes used for making a project.

  • Fulfill Educational Requirements

Specific educational requirements are not needed for becoming a Scrum Master. But, if you have a bachelor’s degree in information technology, business administration, or any other related field, you can become a Scrum Master. A college degree can be an added advantage for a Scrum Master as it can open more job listings for the certified candidate in the market.

  • Develop Mentoring & Leadership Skills

A Scrum Master acts as a mentor for the entire Scrum team and he/she is responsible for teaching the Scrum principles and agile methodology to the entire team. Therefore, to become a Professional Scrum Master one should have proper mentoring skills. He/she should be able to explain the goals of a project and should help every team member in understanding the project properly. He/she should work on every step with the team for the development of a high-quality product. He/she acts as a coach for the team and helps to improve the weaknesses and strengths of every team member.

A Scrum Master should have leadership qualities as he/she is the leader of the team. He/she should understand the needs of the team and should work as a part of the team. An efficient and understanding leader can help the team to progress and work easily. Remember an efficient and hardworking leader can help the team members to work efficiently for achieving the set goals on time. 

  • Learn to Manage Conflicts 

A Scrum Master should also know how to solve conflicts between team members. It is very important to build a healthy relationship between all team members for building a high-quality product in the end. Therefore, a Scrum Master should act as a negotiator to help team members work properly. He/she should be able to solve problems and find a solution to every disagreement.

  • Grow Network 

A Scrum Master should grow a professional network by taking part in support groups. This can help a Scrum Master to grow in his career and meet like-minded people. He/she can interact with experienced Scrum Masters and can gain sufficient knowledge from their experiences. Support groups can also help in sharing experiences with other people and getting their views. This also opens up more job opportunities for certified and Professional Scrum Masters.

  • Choose the Right Scrum Certification (PSM™) 

A certification certifies that a Scrum Master has the right skills and capabilities for playing a role of a Scrum Master. Therefore, for becoming a Scrum Master you have to complete the training, give the exam, and get the right certificate for showing your expertise in Scrum skills and principles. You must enroll in a recognized Scrum Master course and training. After completing the necessary training you can take the exam and become a certified PSM. 


In conclusion, a Professional Scrum Master is in high demand all over the globe. One should know the necessary skills and qualifications required for becoming a Professional Scrum Master. Professional Scrum Master™ Certification training can help an individual to learn the required Scrum skills and principles. A Scrum Master can efficiently work by using the right skills and methodologies of Scrum to produce optimum quality products or services.

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