Few people realize how low self-esteem affects the relationship with the opposite sex. Unsure of themselves, unable to perceive life in colour and completely unable to support the people closest to them, greatly risk becoming worthless in the end.


Several factors do affect self-confidence. Some people only think they have self-esteem problems. How do you know if these difficulties are real? To do so, you need to figure out if these signs are present in your life:

You do not know how to say no

At the same time, such people do not enjoy performing other people’s tasks, although they fear resentment in case of rejection. For example, you are really tired after a long working day and you want to enjoy online slots but your friends often ask you to help them even if they are able to manage their own tasks successfully.

Such people feel victimized

They tend to think that the goal of those around them is to hurt them. They consider it natural for various obstacles to appear in life.  People prone to insecurity think that no one appreciates their efforts. Psychologists think that these people themselves are the centre of attraction for people who evoke in them a sense of their insignificance. 

You find it difficult to accept criticism

If self-esteem is adequate, a person chooses whether to accept criticism or reject it. Personal remarks do not lead to tantrums. Negative comments as a personal tragedy are considered by those who are not confident. Evidence of their inferiority is perceived as any statements in their direction that are negative.

You give up on your desires

In some cases, people even put their desires last place, the main thing is the request of others. The man himself is afraid to make decisions and their results. Most often the person simply shifts a large part of the responsibility to others. 

You do not trust your partner

A person with low self-esteem is characterized by excessive caution, which strongly affects the relationship. He can control feelings and emotions, limit manifestations of intimacy, and try to hide his weaknesses.  Completely shutting down from difficulties will not work, something will give you away, and the partner will constantly wonder what happened.

The negative influence of low self-esteem on one’s private life

Self-esteem is called “self-discussion”, it is formed by the experience received in childhood. A person tends to have the same attitude toward himself or herself as was the attitude of his or her parents and close relatives. More often than not, the union cannot withstand the lack of faith in oneself by one of the partners. This is a direct path to insecurity in each other because it generates a great many anxieties and fears.

Because of low self-esteem break up couples who loved each other a lot. If someone underestimates himself and treats himself worse than his partner, it means the beginning of problems in the couple.


Only a lazy person doesn’t talk or write about loving yourself right now. It doesn’t mean not giving a damn about those around you. It is defined by understanding yourself, achieving harmony with the world, respecting and rejecting self-blame and self-pity.

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