How Smart, Sustainable Mining Is Reshaping The Industry

The mining industry needs to use technology accordingly to prevent accidents in the workplace and maximize the safety of the industry. Smart and sustainable mining is changing the nature of the industry. 

Mining has always been a dangerous industry. From cave-ins to gas explosions, workers in the mining industry face a range of dangers every day. But thanks to modern technology, many of these dangers can be minimized. For example, by using smart sensors to detect gas leaks, mines can avoid deadly accidents.

The latest sensor and communication technology is improving response times and the latest in big data technology is even creating the chance for improved preventative Maintenance, improvements to efficiency and energy use as well as a more efficient material capture rate than ever before.

As companies continue to use technology, we are seeing a greater focus on AI, automation, and new strategies that can keep a mining site safer and more efficient than ever before. Superior data and connectivity are what businesses in the industry are looking toward first and foremost.  These advancements are not only making mines safer, but they are also helping to make the industry more sustainable.

Sustainable mining is an important focus for the industry as a whole. By using renewable energy sources and reducing waste, mines can minimize their environmental impact. Technology is a key part of this effort, and companies are constantly finding new ways to use technology to make their mines more sustainable.

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This post was written by Justin Tidd, Director at Becker Mining Communications! For over 15 years, Becker Communications has been the industry’s leader in radio communication in tunnels and electrical mining communication systems. As they expanded into surface mining, railroads, and tunneling they added wireless communication systems, handheld radios, tagging and tracking systems, as well as gas monitoring.