How To Buy The Right LED Lighting Designs For Your Space

LED lighting industry has grown exponentially and there’s definitely no stopping it. Despite being in the limelight for so long, the technology continues to grow and while it was the future of the lighting industry decades back, in many ways it still is the future of the lighting industry. There’s a high chance that you must’ve been influenced by the dominant wave of LEDs at some point in your life. When it comes to planning the lighting layout of your space, there’s no better option than LED lighting.

Decorative LED lighting designs have taken the industry by storm and they can enhance the look and feel of your space unlike you’d ever imagine. But there are a lot of things that you need to consider before choosing the right LED lighting. You can easily purchase an LED chandelier, LED ceiling light, LED table lamp, LED floor lamps, LED pendant lights and much more with a built-in LED panel but you need to be mindful of a few things before you make your pick. Begin with figuring out the true purpose of your light and where exactly do you need it in your home. You’ll literally check a big thing off your list if you’re done with the purpose. And here’s everything else that you need to figure out.

Choose the right colour for your space

LED lighting fixtures always have a different and distinct colour scheme, which usually depends on the temperature they operate at. For residential lighting, the fixtures usually operate between 2000K to 6500K with colours being warmer on the lower side of the spectrum while the light turns cooler as it goes up the scale.

If you’re looking forward to creating a warm atmosphere that creates an inviting ambience, then go for lighting designs that have an operating temperature somewhere between 1000K to 3000K. And if you want an exceptionally functional lighting layout to carry out a number of tasks in the space then go for any lighting design that operates at a temperature of 5000K and upwards.

Make sure that you get the lighting designs of right intensity

Temperature of the light is one thing and the intensity is a different one altogether. You need to know the lumen rating or the luminous intensity of the lighting design that you’re going to install in your space. This is very important as you might end up installing overglary lighting fixtures in your home and create a very uncomfortable space for yourself and everybody who visits your place. Be it your decorative lighting fixtures like hanging lights, lamps, or wall lights or be it the architectural designs like downlight or profile lights, every lighting fixture shouldn’t exceed the recommended lumens per square foot. Get in touch with a lighting designer if you’re not too sure.

Consider the longevity of the lighting fixture

Yes, LED lighting fixtures do not fade out quick and do not burn out quick either. But always make sure that you’re choosing the right ones. LED lighting fixtures usually come with a life of 25000 hours and it is much better than incandescent lights (1000 hours) or CFL (5000-8000 hours). When buying a decorative lighting fixture, make sure you reconfirm the life and the durability of the design.