How To Choose The Right Candle Jar For Your Home

Candle jars are the easiest way to put your candles in place because they don’t have to stand up independently. Container candles make great gifts because crafters can put their candles in creative containers. You can use a jelly or mason jar from your kitchen or buy a fancy candle holder at a store. This article will help you choose the right candle jar that suits your home.


Shape matters, like how you find a trusted vintage car parts supplier for essential parts or shapes you need for your car. Perhaps, you could say it’s your choice what shape of the jars holds your candles. Relax.

In theory, you could use jars of any form, like cubes, cylinders, spheres, or any other odd shape. That’s true, but we’re talking about the best shape for candle jars. First, check out how candles burn; when a candle burns, a circular pool of melted wax forms around the wick to feed the flame. As the wick burns down, so does the pool in the middle. You’ll see that the melting pool is finally in a tube shape.

So, a jar in the form of a cylinder will work well with how a candle burns. On the other hand, a container with an uneven shape won’t be able to make an even melting pool, which will affect how well it burns. Also, a candle jar in a cylinder shape will be easier to wick. Whether your candle has one or two wicks, it’s easy to find the circle’s center.


In a circle, the diameter is the longest line running from side to side. Typically, choosing the appropriate wick size for a candle and calculating the required number of wicks is based on the diameter of the container. For instance, you might want an ECO10, CD10, or LX16-sized wick if the container’s diameter is roughly 2.5 inches.

Additionally, to ensure that the candle burns evenly, you should think about using 2 or 3 wicks if the diameter of the container is greater than 4 inches.

Please be aware that although cylinder-shaped jars are said to be ideal for candles, the aperture and the bottom of the container should have almost the same diameter. It can topple over if the opening is significantly wider than the base.

On the other hand, if the entrance is considerably smaller than the bottom, wicking the candle may be difficult, and the candle may not burn correctly.


Not always does the size of the container correspond to the size of the candle. Consider this when selecting a candle container. For instance, if a candle container is labeled as 8oz, it must be measured using the fluid, typically water, and the brim must fill the jar. However, candle wax is solid, and its density is far greater than water.

Additionally, leaving a space between the top container and the wax is recommended when pouring a candle.


How safe it is to burn candles at home depends on what materials they are made of. Since a burning candle will make a lot of heat, the container must be made of a material that can handle the heat. Plastics easily bend out of shape and can even catch fire with high temperatures. Don’t choose candle holders made of plastic, then. Wood is also not a good material for a candle holder because it can catch fire.

Glass and metal can handle the heat and keep their shape much better. Also, glass and metal are safer because they don’t give off harmful chemicals when heated. So, the best containers for making candles are glass jars and metal tins.

Glassware can handle the heat but can also break if too much heat is put on it. So, only buy jars that have a place to put a candle. The glass is less likely to break if it is thicker. Metal jars are more likely to leak if they aren’t made perfectly.

With Or Without lids

It’s up to you, but a candle jar with lids wholesale can help keep dust off your candles. Also, some scents, especially essential oils, quickly fade when exposed to light, so the lid can help keep the scent of your scented candles.


Leaky containers cause two problems. You don’t want hot melted wax on your counter. Messy. Depending on how quickly the wax escapes, a fire hazard could result. If melted wax oozes out of the candle as it melts, the wick will burn higher and larger. In minutes, you may have a big flame. Even a brief distraction can cause this to spiral out of hand. Metal tins with a side or bottom seam can leak. Fill a container with water for a day or two to check if it can contain hot melted wax.

No Cracks

This is probably the most common problem with candles in containers. It’s also the one that can cause the most trouble. A cracked container will spill hot wax everywhere, just like a container that leaks. Also, the wax-soaked wick will suddenly have no pool of wax around it, and the flame can grow several inches tall. The flame can quickly get high enough to start a fire in nearby curtains, a cabinet with yourmdf box manufacturer, or a plant. The bulk of these incidents is caused by the gel becoming too hot and shattering the fishbowl, martini glass, or other unsuitable glassware it was created in.


Jars are one of the most important things you need to make candles and give your home ambiance. Make sure you know the diameters, sizes, materials, etc., of the candle jars you want for your hand-made candles . When choosing a candle jar, safety is also the most crucial as the aesthetics it brings to the interior design of your home.