How to Choose the Right Size for Your Storage Building

Juggling with a cluttered home, workspace, industrial stock, farm stocks, or warehouse overload, then investing in a metal storage building is a wise decision that you must make.

When you decide to buy a storage building, you need to check on a few points before you make the decision, and the most important being the size. You need to be sure that your storage building is large enough to accommodate equipment and other items without taking up too much space for your place. Want to understand how you can decide the right size of storage building? Then read on!

Try to understand the purpose of your storage building

If you want to figure out what size you want, first know the purpose you will utilize your storage building for, what you are going to store in it, a car, equipment, workplace things, home extra stuff, as an expanding unit, your furniture, agriculture stock, extra boxes from the house, etc. 

If you are not traveling or doing any seasoning sport until next year, store the sports equipment in a box & label them so that you can have easy access to your things next time. Same way, define the things you are not going to use at present and might need later; keep them in a box, label them to avoid the clutter in your storage building as well. Understand what exactly you are going to keep inside to specify your purpose. 

Before finalizing the size, make a list

Now you know the purpose of your storage building, take a tour of your house, workplace, and other areas, and make a list so that you don’t miss out on anything you want to move in the storage building. It will also help you add those things that you forgot while deciding the purpose.  

The location for your storage building

Part of knowing how to choose the right size of a storage building that works for your needs is considering the location. It clearly says to decide and finalize the area based on your requirement. Of course, you have a place in your mind; if not, go ahead and start looking for it, whether you want in the yard, nearby your office, or any other place where you can have the ease of access. Once you decide on the site, it will be very easy for you to decide on the size.

Measure the space

Here is the trick you can use to measure the space for the right size of the storage building. You can visit a few websites and check the ideal sizes for Metal storage buildings. Then, take a masking tape or some painter’s tape to mark off the space considering the average size. You can then keep some empty boxes or stuff to see how early the area is getting filled; by this, you will get an idea of how bigger or smaller you need to go with the building.

The ideal sizes

  • 5×5 – This unit size is perfect for storing your small tools or seasonal items you don’t need around you all time. This kind of small storage building can also be great for storing mattresses, dressers, or even just boxes of random stuff.
  • 5×10 – This storage building is almost the size of a medium-sized bedroom and can be the ideal solution for people looking for a room to keep their worthy items. This space should work wonders for you whether you need a space for furniture like dressers and oversized chairs or big-screen TVs and lamps.
  • 10×10 – This one is usually known as a medium-sized storage building. Its size is almost a standard family room. If you want a space to keep your large home or office furniture such as couches, desks, or dressers, which you don’t need right now, then this building is a good option.
  • 10×20 – This large storage building can accommodate around five bedrooms worth of items and is a better option for appliances like washing machines. This storage building can also adjust your few industrial stuff as well as your king-sized bed and a lot more. 
  • 10×30 – If you genuinely need the maximum space, this storage building covers a whopping colossal space! If you require a place to store almost five to seven rooms of worthy items like furniture, vehicles, or any large machine of your office, this building will serve you well.

Design & customization

There are various sizes available in the market to choose from, but if you’re looking for something different in your storage building, you can always design your building and customize it further.

Many storage building providers have a 3D designer tool on their website where you can easily design the building you want and customize it accordingly. You can choose to customize the color, sizes, roof styles,  commercial doors and windows, ventilation, and much more. 

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Final Words

There are many types of storage buildings available for residential, commercial, industrial, agricultural purposes. You can easily choose the building you want. However, if you are still confused, you can take help from metal building providers or some who can help you measure the area size for your storage building. As the suitable sizes will always suffice the need, it’s okay if you go one size bigger than you actually need. 

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