How to Decide if a Chaise Sofa is Right for You

Decorating a room for the first time or fifth can be an exciting and fun experience. As you pull together ideas for your living room design, much of it revolves around the type of sofa you’re going to use. Will it be a standard design or a sectional? If you’re leaning more on the sectional side, you are probably already aware that chaise lounges have become popular recently. 

Chaise lounges are a great option for many spaces. Still, as with any new piece of furniture, you must take accurate measurements to ensure the room can comfortably fit your chosen chaise.

So how do you decide if a chaise sofa is a right option for your home? Let’s look at a few reasons it may or may not work. 

Because of its shape, the main benefit of this sofa style is that it fully uses the room’s corners. Corners are often a difficult space in a living room and may end up with a rarely used table as a fill-in. A chaise lounge allows you to enjoy sitting in an awkward corner, maximizing your space.

Chaise lounges also provide additional seating on those nights when you have family or friends over. Although the elongated chaise is usually used to recline and relax, if guests sit upright, it offers more seating.

Another great aspect of some chaise lounges is the storage they provide. You can keep the room tidy by storing reading materials or pillows and blankets in the chaise. Sofa chaises have several great features that you may want for your home.  

However, there are a few things to keep in mind as you search for a chaise as it may not be the right fit for your household. Although they come in various sizes, they don’t work well in limited spaces. Studio apartments and smaller living spaces don’t usually have enough floor space for this option to work. 

Relocating a sofa chaise can be challenging if you frequently move for work or just because you can. The space you’re moving into must be configured to accept the chaise. That is especially true if the sofa style has a fixed chaise that cannot be separated. 

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If your heart is set on having a chaise lounge in your living room, but your space is limited, and you move often, then a modular is your best choice. Modular lounges allow you to make your own configuration, and you aren’t as restricted when placing the pieces. Each piece is separate, and you can make your chaise lounge as long or short as you want. 

With so many options, making a final decision isn’t easy, but if you’ve concluded that a chaise lounge is what you want, 1Stop is ready to help. They offer a wide selection of sofa chaises, and the design specialists are ready to answer questions to help you find the ideal style for your home. Visit the site today and start shopping.