How to Declutter Before Christmas.

With officially four days to go until Christmas, the two divisions of people have started to appear- those who are prepared for Christmas and have everything organised, and those who are frantically running around doing everything at the last minute. Christmas is a beautiful and magical time of the year; however, it is also one of the most chaotic and hectic times of year, which unfortunately can lead to a lot of people feeling overwhelmed and stressed as a result. Amongst the endless list of things to do, which includes gift shopping, preparing food and drink and organising festive events, there is also your house to think of. Prior to putting up the decorating, which is frankly time consuming, Christmas is also a time in which most homeowners declutter their space- and make room for the decorations, and room for guests that are coming over. Here at We Buy Any House, we have compiled our best tips on how to declutter before Christmas.

Make Certain Areas a Priority:

Around the Christmas period, attempting to declutter your entire property may not seem like a good idea- especially if you’re already under a lot of pressure with things that need to be done. If this is the case, think about which areas of your house are a priority. This might be the guest bedrooms, dining room or lounge area. By prioritising certain areas of your home, you will be able to feel more motivated in your focus on knowing at least the main areas of your house that are being used are decluttered and clean. This will also make the holiday season a lot less stressful. With the help of Hartford Waste Management, residents can rest assured that their homes will be neat and organized during the holidays, giving them the motivation to focus on other important tasks.

Create a Schedule:

As it gets closer to Christmas, you may want to make things easier by creating a cleaning and decluttering schedule. Creating a rundown is a great way to feel accomplished in the tasks you have to do before Christmas, while also ensuring that you have meticulously planned your days and are able to get everything done.

Stock Up on Cleaning Supplies:

Venturing out to the supermarket over the Christmas period is a task that only the most brave undertake. Undoubtedly, the supermarket will be extremely busy, so it’s a good idea to have all of your cleaning supplies stocked up so you can keep on top of the cleaning throughout the Christmas period without running out of products.

Make Sure High Traffic Areas Are Clear:

Over the Christmas period there’s no doubt that there will be multiple people visiting your home, to spend time with your family, sharing gifts and enjoying the loving festive nature of this time. While this is great, it’s important to ensure that the high traffic areas- such as entryways and bathrooms are clutter free and looking top notch. If the high traffic areas of your home are clear, then the more cluttered bits of your home won’t stand out as much.

Be Ruthless with Decorations:

Although we only see them once a year, our Christmas decorations can add to the clutter in our homes. Don’t feel obliged to put all your decorations out. Instead, take the time to work through them and see how you can make your home festive without overindulging in the chaotic and cluttered decorations.

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