Is Dubai Good for Scuba Diving?

Everyone is talking about Dubai, and it’s no wonder considering the amazing opportunities it has to make memories. This alluring place is perfect for those who want to engage in adventurous activities like scuba diving. The Arabian Gulf is a home to vibrant fish and stunning corals. Both novice and experienced scuba divers can choose Dubai as your diving destination. 

Why should you visit Dubai for scuba diving?

Dubai is a popular diving site with underwater exploration opportunities. Find the reasons for planning a trip to Dubai to enjoy scuba diving below.

Underwater visibility on the colder days

Although Dubai has several diving sites, you can visit Sharm Rock to find 5 to 20-meter visibility in the water. Moreover, the water body is very calm and has shallow depths. It is an ideal place for divers and snorkeling enthusiasts of any skill level. Even while practicing night diving, you will come across moray eels and other predators. There are also stingrays, turtles, and other marine life in the sandy areas.

Good diving opportunities for beginner-level divers

Even if it is your first-time diving adventure, Dubai is the best destination. Palm Jumeirah is one of the sites where you can learn diving and gain experience. The underwater realm and attractive marine life will give pleasure to your eyes. You will encounter clownfish, parrotfish, and several other fish species. 

Jumeirah Beach is another diving spot for beginners. Burj Al Arab serves as the beautiful backdrop for this place. Besides, you can visit the nearby food kiosks and cafes to satisfy your taste buds.

Several wrecks in Dubai

Divers always like to accept challenges, and wreck diving allows them to unravel the captivating stories of sunken vessels. Submerged structures of the wrecked ships and aircraft give a unique experience to scuba divers. So, Zainab Wreck is a popular scuba diving spot in Dubai.

In 2001, when a ship was illegally transporting oil, it was seized, and it led to the wreck. However, in due course, the shipwreck became a haven for various marine species like snappers and yellowtail barracuda. However, you need advanced equipment and good skills for wreck diving.

Comfortable water temperature in Dubai

The warm, clear water is another reason for choosing Dubai as your diving destination. Try to plan your trip during summer (between May and October) when the air temperature is around 48 degrees Celsius. However, the winter temperature may drop to 4 degrees Celsius in some regions.

Dive shops and trainers

You can easily contact the best dive shops in Dubai to buy your equipment and engage an instructor. Certified dive masters will provide you with the best scuba diving courses in Dubai. Some resorts are also adjacent to these dive shops to ensure convenience for scuba divers.

Adventurers who desire some recreational opportunities can try out scuba diving in Dubai. Swimming with sharks and rays will give you a remarkable experience. Besides, artificial reefs and shipwrecks will allow you to explore the unique underground world. Thus, look for the best diving spots in Dubai and plan your trip.