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Kakeru Manabe

Manga is very famous all around the world due to their engaging storytelling techniques, with addition to superb characterization of the main characters revolving with their progression in personalities as well. All these things make manga popular not only in Japan but in many other countries. There are many manga where not the main characters but the side characters are also hugely popular and have immense craze over them. One such character is Kakeru Manabe from the Fruits Basket manga. Let us know more details about him.

Character Origins: Kakeru Manabe

Kakeru Manabe is the side character yet happens to be appearing in many scenes during the Fruits Basket manga. Character origins first appeared in the 42nd chapter where it was a small guest appearance type of cameo, but later in the 49th chapter Character origins had his full role with a little bit of information about him is also revealed. 

He is the older half-brother or step-brother of Machi Kuragi. Character origins is also known as Flying Pot-Kun and currently works as vice president of the student council under Yuki Sohma’s tenure as president. Kakeru is a handsome young man, even though is a side character, he has an immense following and people loved his short yet sweet appearance throughout the manga.

Character Backstory: Kakeru Manabe

Kakeru is a young, energetic, and a very charming young man with extraordinary skills of leadership as well as communication cues. He is voiced over in the Japanese anime by Takuya Eguchi and in English by Aaron Dismuke. 

Kakeru is very attached to the beauty of Yuki Sohma’s family and is sometimes even seen asking them out for the secret of their handsomeness. Kakeru is illegitimately born the son of his Father’s former partner but his sister was born to his father’s legal partner. Kakeru’s father is an extremely rich wealthy person hence the mothers of both Kakeru and Machi are seen arguing for the legitimacy of their children to become the heirs of his assets. Due to these fights internally among the family, Kakeru developed a very introverted, angry yet not expressive nature hence people see him as a hard-to-approach person even though he is very pure by heart.

Character Appearance: Kakeru Manabe

Kakeru Manabe is a very handsome, young teenager who just turned 18 years old in the manga. He has a very average build boy which is most noticeable among young teens with lean, tall height too. Character appearance stands 5 ft 10 inches with thin legs and hands, hence he has a very average yet charming look. 

He is handsome by face with beautiful light brown eyes which match his brown hair. Character appearance has piercing in his right ear as well which enhances his overall look as a teenage student but a handsome young man. He is always seen in the episodes of school in the manga hence he is always seen in his school uniform attire with sweaters on top in the season of winter.

Character Personality

He plays the role of vice president of the student council for his school, hence he is always patient enough to listen to the problems or students and keen to hear them out. But all these good qualities are overshadowed by his rivalry with his step-sister Machi Kuragi, hence he is very rude and arrogant in the school against her. 

He is seen with an arrogant attitude giving various defaming statements about her to his followers and Machi is seen doing the same against him. Throughout the manga, they are both side characters who are to be seen spending their whole time defaming their fellow stepbrother and stepsisters. But apart from this aggression against her, he is seen to be very caring, and understanding but often mistaken for his introverted attitude with an arrogant and egoistic attitude which he tries to solve by having good communication with people around him. He struggles to make a good name in high school throughout the manga.

Kakeru Manabe

Character Look

Although Kakeru is not the main character, he is seen in the manga as a very responsible person throughout the manga. Apart from the rivalry in his family and the forced personality of hate towards his sister due to his family, he is seen to be caring about his fellow mates and a very good acquaintance to the President. 

He has a very good following among readers and viewers of this manga, as the personality is designed very well without any major greed for power or anything else. The only thing that keeps the series a little touch of comic, is the rivalry between him and his half-sister Machi, where they quarrel and fight through words that may look funny, but deep beneath the hate towards each other is shown clearly. In the progression of the characters, they both seem to take things differently and that change is evidently soothing to the readers of this manga. The life of Kakeru Manabe is indeed famous around the world. 


Kakeru Manabe does have a pure Asian anime character touch. He has been given a cute and dynamic look. One can see him wearing a white tie and shirt mostly. This pair of brown and black colors do make things look creative. He does like to wear purple pants. Kakeru has huge eyes and a deep look. Many would say that Kakeru does give the calming look that does make an impact in the very best way.

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