OZ Lotto: Test your luck with the national lotto of Australia

OZ Lotto: Test your luck with the national lotto of Australia

Tuesday nights are boring and monotonous as it is the middle of the week. People are pressured with work and stress. What better way to relieve stress than earning a million dollars on a Tuesday! 

The Oz Lotto is one of the popularly played lotteries in Australia. It is so widespread that it is named the national lottery game. It is owned by the Tatts Group and is administered by the lottery west. This game has made people go crazy over it since 26 February 1994.

Entry to the game

People willing to participate have to register with the official website. After registering, they will have to pay the invested amount online or through cheque at times and later choose a number. Most of the time, they do not get to choose a number. Instead, they are assigned whatever is available at that time. However, if you are an early register, you can get to choose your lucky numbers. They have to pay commission charges if the registration is done through an agent. Generally, agents are involved when there is a tremendous amount of investment made in the game since they have expert knowledge in the subject. This game is played once every week. The draw closes at 7:30 pm (AEST).

Concept of the lotto

Oz Lotto has a single drum concept involving 45 balls. Unlike the Saturday lotto, this game required picking seven numbers instead of six to increase the odds of winning Division 1. In division one, the minimum prize pool guaranteed is $2 million. The prize money is less than the Saturday lotto, but so is the risk and investment amount. The entry ticket to the game starts at $1 instead of $3.30 in the Saturday Lotto.

Millions of dollars are involved.

Who doesn’t like to hear the word million? Division one once reached a prize pool of $100 million shared by four members. Each game costs approximately $1.10 plus the agent’s commission. The investment gets economical with each additional ticket you buy as it increases the chances of winning, and the per-unit cost of the ticket comes down if you buy in bulk.

Technical assessment and sound judgment are required

The odds of a person winning the prize are 1:87. One should be crucial in choosing a ticket and carefully estimate the odds. Analyzing previous draws and creating a careful balance of combination numbers is vital. The ratio of the numbers on your tickets should be equal, like odd and even numbers. This is why most people hire an agent to do the clerical work. Agents are given commissions in two ways: an extra amount with the entry ticket itself or a percentage of the amount won. 

How to know if you are a winner of the game?

There are seven winning numbers and three supplementary numbers for each game. They are called supplementary as they only help decide the winners of three prize tiers and do not decide the jackpot. The results are declared at 8:30 pm on the game day itself. The players can check the effects on the official website itself. The results are displayed on the dashboard as a table depicting a clear picture of the amount and ticket number side by side. Most players get mail straight to their inbox if they win. Unfortunately, most of these emails go to the spam folder. 

The amount won will be awarded in the form of a cheque in case of a considerable amount and direct transfer to the bank account if it does involve a million dollars. The cheque can be encashed according to the needs of the person.

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