Pizza Edition: A Online Gaming Platform

Pizza Edition

Pizza is everyone’s favorite food because of its delicious taste, countless variations,unbeatable combinations of its toppings, sauces and crust. Therefore, inspiring through the pizza, the pizza edition came welcomed in the world of games. It is platform that offers a variety of games along with several twists and excitement, just like a pizza.

What is Pizza Edition ?

Pizza Edition is an ultimate source for the people who love to play games. It has a collection of interesting games like virtual landscapes, uncover hidden treasures and battle fearsome foes. The best part of this platform is that it is compatible for everyone whether you are an experienced player or a new one. It does not let the user feel bored as they can explore and try many different games here that have different levels of thrill in them. 

Why is it named Pizza Edition? 

  • Pizza is the real-inspiration of The Pizza Edition. It’s versatility which involves unexpected combination of toppings, crusts and sauces. Just like pizza, instead of toppings, sauces and crusts, it has variety of games for you to try.
  • It is site on google where you can access games. As we all know pizza has been evolving from its traditional styles to contemporary styles. The pizza recipe has changed a lot from the traditional , now it has dietary preferences and culinary trends.
  • Just like pizza, It has various games for its users to access, they can choose according to their likings. Users love this site as it allows them to play both unblocked and blocked games. Pizza is comfort food for many, it brings people together. The Plattform is like comfort gaming place for gamers, they can easily access to games they desire.
  • I know many of us got it wrong about site. Many of you would be thinking that the games offered by the site would be all about pizza like Pizza Chef , Pizza Panic or Pizza Dash. But in reality , with these pizza related games, there’s a lot of other games categories present on the site.

Categories of Pizza Edition Games

Pizza Edition offer a variety of games that meets different interests and preferences. Here are some common categories which are available on the site:

  • Action:- These games are full of action, adventure and exciting challenges that often involve battle, shooting, or building. Some of the action games like Raft Wars 2, Rooftop Snipers, Super Mario Bros, and Death Run.
  • Adventure Games:- In this category games are full of exploring, solving puzzles, and narrating stories. You go through adventures in richly detailed worlds, interact with characters, to move forward in the story. Games like Doodle Champion Island, Pokémon, and Plants Vs Zombies, all these available on site.
  • Role-Playing Games (RPGs):- In this type of game, you become a character and assign to go on quests or adventures in a fictional world. You get the control of character and you can customize your characters, level up, and take decision that changes the story. Such as Jacksmith, Papas Bakeria, and Papas Scooperia are some of the examples.
  • Strategy Games: These games requires players to make plans and use tactics to achieve goals. Game involves management of  resources, build bases, or use tactical strategies. Examples like Learn to Fly 2, Age of War 2, and Earn To Die 2012.
  • Sports Games: Sports games let you experience  the virtual versions of real sports like cricket , basketball, and more. Soccer Random and Soccer Skills Euro Cup Edition are some of the games you can try.
  • Puzzle Games: It offers puzzle games like The Impossible Puzzle and Candy Crush challenge  and tease your brain. In this type of game, you have  to solve puzzles and use your knowledge and thinking skill to win the challenges.
  • Racing Games: Racing games involve high-speed competition. You will be competing against computer opponents or other players and use different vehicles on racing tracks. Moto X3M and Wheely are some of adventures games.
  • Fighting Games: Fighting games involves face-to-face battles between players. In the game there’s different game moves and special attacks players can use to win. Examples like Janissary Battles, Javelin Fighting, and Escaping the Prison some of the fun games present on the website.

How To Play Games On The Pizza Edition?

Pizza Edition games interface is very easy. Games present on site are easy to learn and navigate. Let’s see how to play games on this platform.

  1. Open your browser, search for the pizza edition.
  2. Click on the link which appears on top on the Google page. 
  3. The site official page will open and there you have a long list of games to choose from.
  4. In case the game you want to play is not shown on the page, then you can search by clicking on the top left corner. There you will see category options.
  5. Select the category you want.
  6. After selecting the category, click on the game you wish to play.
  7. You will be relocated to another page that will show you instructs to click on the icon that says play fullscreen. 
  8. You will be moved to another page that shows the game.
  9. Before you start the game, there is always a guideline that instruct you how to play it.
  10. Sometime the game you wish to play is blocked, simply click on given link and you will be given access to run the game.

Why we need Pizza Edition Gaming Platform?

The Pizza Edition site is a platform designed to provide content related to  online games. This site specially made for gamers of all types and it’s a platform for game enthusiasts to stay updated with the latest gaming trends, new games, be connected with the gaming community and access resources, such as game guides, suggestions and tips.

This site also acknowledges the issue like if you not able to have access to run the games because you don’t have enough space in your device. It also helps if you are restricted to play only one games.


The pizza edition is a ultimate place for game enthusiasts. Moreover, its just not offer games which is easily to run , it has specially designed site which keep updated with new trends in gaming world and also addresses issues related to games. So, what you waiting for go and try it out and dive into adventures of gaming world.

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