Planning bath renovation budget

Professional bathroom renovation does not lose relevance, as each person strives for perfection, coziness, comfort. Bathroom stores near me New Bathroom Style ready to help you with this.

The owners of residential premises are interested in what work needs to be done to update the bathroom. And what the cost of the service depends on.

Stages of the repairs in the bathroom

Only specialists with skills and experience in the construction industry know many valuable secrets and professional nuances. This knowledge allows the craftsmen to choose the optimal design of the room and equip it in a modern way. After that, you can carry out a convenient arrangement of plumbing and your unique bathroom vanities.

Overhaul of the bathroom includes the following steps:

• Preparatory work

These include removing wallpaper or removing old ceramic tiles, and then cleaning the room.

• Development of an individual design project

Qualified designers will successfully cope with any task, after which ideas are discussed with the customer.

• Acquisition of the necessary materials and items

Furniture items, plumbing equipment, underfloor heating systems, and finishing materials necessary for repair.

• Dismantling works

If the design project includes redevelopment, at this stage, specialists perform redevelopment work.

• Main works

This category includes the installation of water damage restoration sewer connections and water supply pipes. To preserve the attractiveness of the premises, the lines are usually hidden in the walls.

Floor screed, underfloor heating, and wiring are being installed.

Further, the craftsmen plaster the surface of the walls and putty the ceiling.

• Finishing work

At this stage, the ceiling is finished, the tiles are laid, and the doors are installed.

• Plumbing installation and modern vanities

The installation of a shower cabin or a bathtub, a washbasin, a toilet block, and faucets are being carried out in the room.

Bathroom renovation without a bath

In modern apartments, shower cabins are often installed instead of a bath. Many believe that this is a necessary measure due to the minimal dimensions of the apartment. And the bathroom in particular. Some rooms accommodate either a bathroom or a shower cabin and 36 inch bathroom vanity.

It turns out that a small bathroom area does not dictate the rejection of a spacious bathroom. A compartment or shower is the best alternative to a bath in the following cases:

• The design style of the room is minimalist. A transparent partition in the bathroom fences off the shower compartment, and the water flows “into the floor” through a drainage channel. In a room with flat surfaces, there is LED lighting, compact shells in the form of flying saucers or parallelepipeds.

•The owner of the apartment is a busy person with an active lifestyle. Many city dwellers and business people only have time to pop into the shower for a short time in the morning and the evening, so they prefer a bathroom design without a bathtub.

• To save on water bills. If you want to reduce your water bills for environmental or financial reasons, your family members will have to stop taking water baths.

• Older adults live in an apartment or house. The installation of a bath can be excluded from the budget for repairing a bathroom if the housing owners are of retirement age. It is difficult for them to get into and out of the bath for water procedures without the help of strangers.

• The house has a guest or additional bathroom. When developing a bathroom design, experts do not see the point in adding extra expenses to the budget. Guests generally use the shower, while family members can soak up the first bath.

Prices for bathroom renovation

At the budgeting stage, the specialist makes an assessment of the current state and takes measurements of the object, based on which an estimate is made. It includes a list of bathroom renovations that directly affect the cost of renovation. Depending on the budget and the requirements of the apartment owner, bathroom renovation involves the following work:

• dismantling of finishes and equipment;

• preparation of the floor, ceiling, walls;

• laying tiles;

• installation of plumbing equipment;

• electric installation work;

• installation of water supply;

• dismantling and installation of doors;

• zoning or redevelopment of walls.

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