Prepare Your CSAT Exam with Previous Years UPSC CSAT Question Paper

All candidates preparing for UPSC Exam and wishing to qualify the UPSC Prelims in their first attempt should refer to UPSC CSAT Question Paper. Candidates must score at least 33% in the CSAT to qualify for the UPSC Prelims exam. Candidates can gauge what kind of questions they should expect by looking at CSAT Previous Year Papers. 

CSAT is necessary to clear UPSC Preliminaries; otherwise, you won’t be able to pass General Studies-I. That’s why we’ve created the post that contains CSAT Exam Previous Papers with Solutions PDF. Those who score at least 66 marks on the CSAT Question Paper will have their General Studies-I paper evaluated.

Download CSAT Previous Year Paper

Civil Services Aptitude Test, also known as General Studies II, was introduced in 2011 with the aim of evaluating candidates’ analytical skills. A total of 80 objective-type questions are included, and each incorrect answer will be deducted 13 marks. The CSAT Previous Year Papers are listed online by year.

Aspirants often ignore CSAT because the syllabus and paper look easier than in GS Paper 1. You can test your level of preparedness for the CSAT syllabus by solving CSAT Previous Year Papers.

CSAT Previous Year Paper Analysis

As a result of the moderate difficulty level of the passages and the long sentences in the reasoning and mathematics sections, the CSAT 2021 question paper was lengthy. The CSAT 2021 question paper included a variety of questions. Since 2020, the CSAT question paper has become more difficult. There was a lot of time involved in the CSAT Previous Year Papers, and the questions were framed intelligently. Due to this confusion, candidates were unable to choose between multiple options. There were well-planned questions in the CSAT Previous Year Paper, which made it difficult to comprehend. Questions came from areas, percentages, averages, and ratios. There were a fair number of questions from calendars and clocks on the CSAT 2021 question paper.

Things to Learn from CSAT Previous Year Papers

UPSC frames the CSAT question papers in such a way that candidates need to understand what to leave out and what to attempt. Candidates must prepare for CSAT with a rock-solid strategy instead of only preparing to qualify. Through a glance at the CSAT Previous Year Paper, candidates can figure out a strategic approach. To find out when to move forward, it is imperative to answer the direct questions first.

These tips were recommended by experts based on the CSAT Previous Year Paper, and they will surely help you succeed.

Be familiar with various questions while practicing, and practice as much as you can

Prepare for the CSAT by practicing the previous year’s papers

Prepare for mock tests, and evaluate your performance

Prepare a balanced approach rather than focusing only on English or Mathematics

How to Analyze CSAT Previous Year Paper

In order to enhance their preparation, candidates should analyze the CSAT Previous Year Papers while they are attempting them. We have provided a direct link to all UPSC CSAT Previous Year Papers, so candidates should download them all and start practicing, then analyze them using the methods below.

Make sure your exam environment is exam-friendly by setting a timer

When you have finished answering the questions, evaluate your score,

Answer the CSAT Previous Year Papers with the help of the answer key