Shake the grey away with Murano Glass Picasso’s Heads.

Shake the grey away with Murano Glass Picasso’s Heads.

These last couple of years have been tough for all of us. The pandemic has put our lives at strike, the world we knew before seems to have disappeared somehow and now everything is scarier and greyer. Spending two and a half years closed in our houses without the possibility to have any physical contact with our relatives, especially the elderly ones, and friends has put our mental health in difficulty. Now that things are getting slowly back to normal our daily lives seem to need a colourful push, perhaps we need to be motivated a little to smile and see the beauty of what the future has set aside for us. Why not start by making our homes more joyful with some colourful details? 

Venice is known all around the world for its carnival and for the joyful people that live there. The island of Murano has made this characteristic of its people part of the Venetian material culture. Not only do the Murano glassworkers create glass objects that reflect the joy and the vitality of Venice, but they also combine these features with tradition and a thousand-year-old knowledge that cannot be found anywhere else. 

The art of Venetian glass is proper in this region, you can buy the only real handmade Venetian glass in Venice, nowhere else. The authentic Venetian glass can only be found in Venice, and in particular, Murano, because it is here that the master glassworkers have their furnaces, and they defended their techniques for generations. Master glaziers have handed down the secrets of this art to their sons for decades and they remained loyal to the original techniques and tools. Therefore, the Venetian glass is irrevocably a symbol of tradition and history. Not to forget that these objects are unique, it is very difficult, or even impossible, to find a perfect copy of a piece. No Murano glass object is identical to another one! So, what the master glazier creates is a one-of-a-kind item. 

However, its remarkable history of millennia does not have to be mistaken as an obstacle to modern times. Venetian glassworkers have proved to be capable of transforming this ancient art into something modern and fashionable also. So, the Venetian glass can take every shape that comes to the master’s head whether we’re speaking of an animal or even of a flower. Lately, the creations of these great artisans became even more eccentric and joyful. Some new sculptures combine ancient techniques with modern art, like Picasso’s. 

Murano glass sculptures are now reaching a new stage, they are keeping up with the changing times and they are responding to the clients’ necessity to rejoice of what is the beauty of life. The Murano Glass Picasso’s heads are what you need if you feel the urge to express, feel, see, and show your gratitude to life in your own house, after this tremendous pandemic!  For more updates, visit:

Picasso’s heads can be described as bizarre, extravagant, and maybe even excessive, but why not bring an uncommon detail into your house. Perhaps, after this long period of isolation, our daily routines need to be roused somehow and if you don’t feel ready for drastic changes, well… maybe adding a new decorative object in your entrance, hallway, living room, or bedroom can be the right compromise. Let’s shake the grey away! 

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These sculptures come in different colours, shapes, and sizes. It takes at least two glassworkers to create one of these heads and the techniques used in the making process are numerous. All of it combined with the love for art and the attention to detail to create a breath-taking tribute to Picasso’s paintings and give a touch of elegance, style, and luxury to your house. 

It doesn’t matter which one you like the most or which one you end up choosing, because after all, they are all unique and eccentric in their way, just like you. And since they are handmade one by one, their uniqueness is authentic.