Supermicro is a high-performance and high-efficiency servers and server management software provider based in San Jose, California, United States, specializing in designing and manufacturing servers and motherboards for enterprise, cloud, and communication markets. Supermicro provides an extensive array of products that are relevant to this industry. The company sells its computers to companies in the United States of America that are involved in the research, storage, and cloud computing industries. Supermicro is one of the premier game changers in deep learning solutions because it has focused on the needs of these customers.5G Core is one of the primary platforms Supermicro has been using to engage with them. Supermicro has been using 5G Core to connect its private and public cloud networks to its clients’ applications.

1. History

The company was founded by Charles Liang in 1993 and was initially known as Supermicro Computer International. The company has had a rough start. It started as an independent firm. The company initially paid its employees with money they earned selling the hardware they manufactured. The initial customers were mainly small businesses and schools that needed inexpensive computers to run their computers or as a focus for their computing conference rooms. 

As the company grew, it recognized there was a need to diversify into server manufacturing, and being able to supply large enterprises with customized PCs and servers is a critical feature that differentiates them from competitors such as Hewlett-Packard, Dell, and HP. The company first began building servers in 1997, although it was in 2001 that it was officially incorporated as Supermicro Computer International Incorporated.

2. Business Overview

Supermicro provides networking and server products used by large enterprises and small companies in the public sector and has been designed to meet the needs of these organizations. This has led to the company gaining a significant presence in several countries, such as China, Japan, Australia, and Canada.

For customers seeking high-performance servers, Supermicro offers Intel processors capable of handling various tasks such as web serving and storage applications. These servers come equipped with either 6 or 8 hard drives called hot-swap drives for adding more capacity. Compared to traditional server manufacturers, Supermicro is known for offering its equipment at a highly competitive price, and in turn, it can service customers quickly. Also, 5G Core Ethernet Networking

3. Key products & services

Supermicro offers several different types of servers, whereas some of its most popular products include workstations, enterprise servers, storage systems, and blade servers. Supermicro has expanded its range of servers to include mobile and cloud computing devices such as desktops, racks, and server blades. Supermicro also offers a number of different networking solutions, including 5G Ethernet networking which is one of the most advanced networks in the industry.

Workstation Servers

Supermicro workstation servers provide the quality that comes with 5G Core and their other products. They are equipped with Intel processors, eight hot-swap drives, and Nvidia Quadro graphics. The hybrid storage solution, the works stations come equipped with features of both SAS and SATA hard drives along with a PCIe-based storage card for fast data access at any time.

4. International Expansion

Supermicro further expanded into Europe with the opening of its system integration logistics center in Hsinchu, Taiwan, and its system integration center in Changwon, Korea. The company also opened a joint venture facility in China with Riedon Corporation to serve the Asian market. Supermicro has offices throughout Europe providing clients with comprehensive systems design and implementation services. 5G Core has played a major part in this expansion plan.

Supermicro is a world-leading company in high-performance computing and networking. It specializes in the design and manufacturing of high-performance, high-efficiency servers, server management software, and storage systems. These products are used by large corporations and SME businesses that have a need for HPC, such as Adobe Systems, Lockheed Martin, Microsoft, and many more.

Supermicro has also been a leader in promoting the growth of 5G networks by providing companies with high-performance and cost-effective networking solutions that have a direct impact on their business. This strategy is aimed at improving the current environment in which businesses are operating when it comes to their operations, product and services development, performance, accessibility, and responsiveness.