The Process of Filling the Divorce:

Dubai has a separate Family Court. Previously the initial complaints or the requests were used to be filled in, Courts but now Al Adheed Centers are the new places where the complaints are registered for the Divorce. The useful information about the process can be as follows:

∙       First Complaint is registered. 

∙      Useful Information, Proof and Contact Details are provided by the complainant.

∙       Mediation Sessions are conducted with both parties. 

∙       They try to resolve the matter or to finish between them. 

∙       If they can’t then the complaint is referred to Family Court. 

∙       Family Court is in Garhoud, Dubai.

∙       Family Courts have three levels.

∙       First Court as First Level, Second Court as Second Level or the Appeal Court and the Third Court as Third level which is also called as Cassation Court. 

∙       After the judgement the execution is passed. 

∙       Once the judgement is passed, then execution should be opened as soon as possible. 

∙       If the court verdict is not followed by the husband then an arrest warrant can also be issued. 

∙       Family Courts, are kept separate now.   

∙       UAE Emirati Lawyers are required only, for Court Case representation. 

DUBAI Lawyers: 

Dubai Lawyers are also humans just like any other person. They also possess some personality traits. Here an aggressive and blunt attorney may be a suitable option for a felony case in the criminal court. You may also be looking for a compassionate lawyer who can tackle your legal case more responsibly. Besides, always opt for a lawyer who meshes well with your personality, and thus, the interaction can easily process. As you will invest significant time and resources into opting for a responsible, responsive, and well-versed lawyer.

Legal Consultation: 

For it, an initial consultation will play a vital part when interviewing some attorneys. You can choose to interview each one of them before making the ultimate decision. This will assist you in making the best decision as to who is best at legally presenting you. It also gives you a general idea about which law offices and lawyers you will feel comfortable working with.

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Here one question is equally important to answer that will be accountable for handling all the documents. From the initial proceedings to the legal representation in the courtroom, all the work is done by the lawyer but this must be understood in advance. But in UAE these lawyers have to be UAE National Lawyers only. It means, just UAE Nationals are allowed to appear in Court Hearings. The others are not allowed to offer the court representations. It is not a discrimination by the way. The quality of UAE Lawyers are amazing. You might be assuming that the lawyer will carry out all the work which is not the case. Therefore, in the first meeting discuss what the prime duties of a lawyer are. Along with the duties also discuss which duties are passed on to the junior attorneys, paralegals, associates, office secretaries, and others. Ask straight forwards questions as to who will handle the legal matter. It is advisable not to assume anything, instead, ask direct questions to be clearer in head and heart regarding the job of the lawyer. In this manner, you will put your mind at ease. The work will also be done in a systematic way that is closely monitored by you. It also indicates to the lawyer that the client is directly involved in the legal case.

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Young Lawyers: 

A young lawyer may be more energetic and enthusiastic about the work. On the other hand, an experienced lawyer will have more knowledge and understanding which comes from handling legal cases in the past. Therefore, opt for a lawyer who suits your legal matter and if you have a complicated case, go for an experienced one.

Time Management:  

Practicing the time management plays a vital role in deciding about the lawyer. If you rather have a quite simple case, you can choose a fresh and youthful lawyer who will charge you comparatively less than the experienced one.

Personality is something that matters when selecting the right lawyer. Choose someone with whom you are comfortable talking in person and also understand what he says.  Every lawyer’s personality differs from the other and thus, determining your level of comfort is important.

During all the tenure, the lawyer and the clients are directly involved with each other. Therefore, this can’t be negated at any cost. To reach a reasonable and solid conclusion, in the end, communication is a must.  This includes written as well as verbal communication. Choose someone excellent with oral and written communication skills. Written skill is crucial in preparing legal documents and paperwork as per the law and legislation. On the contrary, oral or verbal skills are needed for legal representation in court before the jury and judge.


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