TheWiSpy Review – Employee Monitoring Features & More!

The employee tracking tools allow businesses to keep track of interactions between employees and customers to ensure that the level of service is at the standard and ensure that employees are utilizing their time effectively. These tools can monitor emails, phone calls, social media interactions, and live chats to ensure that the strategies are being implemented and ensure the quality of service provided by employees.

A spyware should have the following essential things to be top employee monitoring spyware:

  • Monitor chat and phone interactions.
  • Monitor office owned devices to ensure a consistent level of productivity.
  • Archive interactions for quality reviews.

What is TheWiSpy?

TheWiSpy is a sophisticated employee tracking software that allows users to completely keep track of all the device-related activities of the employees. It is ideal for companies looking to increase their efficiency in business and parents who wish to track the activity of their children’s phones. Companies that deal in highly sensitive information and private investigation firms find TheWiSpy employee monitoring app as the best reliable corporate phone monitoring solution.

TheWiSpy comes with capabilities and tools that permit users to remotely access messages, email, call logs, internet browsing history, and the location of any tablet, phone, or other smart devices.

Apart from the capabilities that let users listen to calls on their phones, TWS even has a powerful tool to record the phone’s surroundings. The spy app also delivers a feature that allows taking real-time pictures remotely through the target phone’s camera. In addition, TheWiSpy incorporates analytics and gives brief reports on keystrokes and call logs. It is also possible to erase all information remotely.

Employee Monitoring Features:

TheWiSpy offer top-notch employee monitoring features that ensure perfect results. It’s quite stressful for managers to run an office and ensure employees work smoothly simultaneously. Don’t worry if you’ve to work remotely because, with TWS features, you can control the office the same way.  

·         Call Tracking:

Call tracking is an essential feature that allows you to view the call log history, contact details and record calls if necessary. For example, if you feel your employees are misusing their time and talking on the phone with friends or exchanging company information with opponents, you can use this function. You can view call details such as timestamps, caller ID, and other information within seconds.

·         SMS Tracking:

Texting is common among colleagues, and sometimes it consumes their work hours without them noticing. As a team leader, it’s your responsibility to ensure your employees aren’t distracted. Using the SMS tracking feature, you can read chats, view history and contact details. You can even block contacts in case of an emergency. 

·         Email Tracking:

Emails are considered as a main source of communication within business world. If you’re monitoring your employees, then you shouldn’t skip emails. TheWiSpy employee tracking software allows you to read sent and received emails remotely. Not only will you get to read the context of the email, but you will also be able to view shared media. You can download these files through the online portal of TWS.

·         Surround Recording:

It must be so frustrating if you cannot attend an important meeting with your client and are forced to send your employees instead. You can’t trust everyone with your company’s important information so what should you do to avoid any problem?

We’ve got the best solution for you; TWS offers a surround recording feature that you can use to record the real-time surrounding of your employee during a meeting or in any other scenario. The dashboard can save these recordings because the app silently records and then uploads them on online server.

·         GPS Location Monitoring:

If you’ve remote working employees, then this function is absolute blessing. You can ensure your team is working during office hours in their home. TheWiSpy allows you to track live location within seconds, so you keep going with your daily routine. In addition, there is no way your employees are getting away from work to do personal chores because TheWiSpy will update you with visited places every day.

·         Geofencing:

Geofencing is a top-quality feature where you can set geographical boundaries on the target phone. For example, let’s suppose you don’t want your employee to leave the office, so you can use this feature to impose restrictions. The app will generate alerts every time your employee steps out of the boundary so you can know even when you’re away. It’s very helpful to maintain discipline within the office. 

·         Keylogging:

Are you afraid your employees are sending company’s secrets to your competitors while using your resources? Well, worry no more! TheWiSpy has the keylogger feature that records all typed information, and you can restrict specific words such as client information or other important terms. So that whenever someone tries to send these words, you’ll be notified by the employee tracking tools.

·         Social Media Tracking:

Social media is a huge distraction for anyone in today’s world. People spend hours scrolling through Instagram, Facebook, and other platforms. So does your employees working under your nose. And, this results in poor performance for the company. You can control that as well by keeping tabs on all of your employee’s social media activity. You can view their screen time or usage of specific applications and more. You can uninstall apps remotely and restrict the use of addictive apps.

·         Web Browser History Control:

You can filter out the web browser remotely using employee monitoring software. For example, there are some unethical websites that you can’t allow your employees to visit during office timing. You can block such sites and view browsing history as well. It’ll give you the satisfaction that either your team is searching for their work-related queries or they are wasting time on the internet when they’re supposed to work.

TheWiSpy Pricing:

TheWiSpy offers versatile price plans for its users where you can get advanced features easily. You can get the basic plan with standard tracking features such as call and message tracking, GPS tracking, etc., for $19.99 only. Then there is a premium plan including advanced and remote features like surround recording, camera spy, call recording, and more.

This plan is accessible for $29.99 only and monitors everything. The platinum plan was introduced by TheWiSpy, which allows tracking apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook, and other social media applications. It is available for $49.99 only, and you can expand your subscription time to three and six months for all the packages.

Benefits of Using TheWiSpy:

Complete Transparency:

TheWiSpy is accessible all day, 7 days a week. Parents, employees, or anyone else concerned may access their devices anytime. TheWiSpy users have access to any message, email log, location, and more. So you won’t miss any important updates anymore.

Increased Productivity:

TheWiSpy enhances the efficiency of companies by allowing businesses to track and monitor all their employees’ activities on one device. In addition, users can view screenshots that they can take at random times with an automation system. As a result, employees will be more alert and focused during working hours because they are mindful that their actions will be recorded and observed.


You can’t deny the current state of businesses and how Covid-19 has caused chaos around the globe. Employee tracking tools are the only reasonable solution here that lets you control your team, even remotely. TheWiSpy is known as the best employee monitoring app with unlimited tracking features. You can get this spyware at affordable pricing and ensure quality performance from employees.