Things To Care For While Using Technology In Onboarding Process

Technology is becoming the need of the hour. Every organization wants to incorporate technology into its activities, especially onboarding. Onboarding tools can help streamline varied processes, making them more effective and beneficial. While upgrading to a technological-based system, proper caution should be followed. Any wrong solution in the onboarding process can be highly damaging to the organization. Being selective about how’s and why’s is of utmost importance and that can make all the difference.

So can the proper integration of the onboarding tools and process benefit the organization?

Many surveys have results that say, an ineffective onboarding process has made the employees leave the job within the first year of joining the company, thus increasing the cost for the company and making them incur heavy losses.

According to Dr. Talya Bauer from the SHRM Foundation, a good onboarding process includes 4 C’s and they are:

1. Compliance:

Compliance means strictly adhering to the company’s policies and procedures. It is about teaching the employees the need of proper paperwork and adhering to the office rules.

2. Culture

To make anyone new in the organization feel welcome, it is very important for the employers to lay a solid procedure that is followed by everyone in the company. It is about learning the culture of the company and deciding where the new candidates fit in.

3. Clarification

Clarification is about teaching the new employee his roles and duties. Handing him over all the documents, webinars, materials, manuals, and more.

4. Connection

Connection is all about building relationships and not just working round the clock. It develops a sense of belongingness and creates a warm space even for peers and work groups.

Knowing all this, we also have to take care of certain things while using technology in the onboarding process.

Things to care for while using technology in the onboarding process:

Invest in the right technology

Onboarding can be an exhaustive process and there are many technological tools and platforms available for the same. But all might not be fruitful for your organization. Hence, it is better to conduct research that tells you what sort of platform is best suited for the process you aim to perfect.

Prevention from malware and viruses

Not everything you see is roses, it can prick you the hardest too. So, it’s better to be aware and most prepared for any such mishaps. Use a premium version of any anti-virus or prevention software that detects untraceable intervention and can save your data from dying.

Onboarding has a lot of data involved. From company policies to employee information, there are many things to protect. Hence, good prevention software is a must.

Always have a backup

Data backup is extremely important to keep the backbone of the business strong. To secure confidential information files, folders, images, customer information, and more, data security becomes crucial. Therefore, all the data needs to be backed up to face any challenge that might come our way.

Cyber security

Cyber security is the practice of protecting sensitive information from digital attacks and thefts. By using the right technology (defensive artificial intelligence programs) cyber security experts can stop the cyber attacks from happening.


Competition is a good thing no doubt, but pitching new hires against each other can have a negative impact on their morale. The inclusion of leaderboards in onboarding programs can sometimes not yield expected positive results. So, encourage them to use light competitive tricks and avoid burdening their heads with too much pressure.


Employee onboarding can be the foundation for any organization to thrive. A successful onboarding process can significantly increase the employee retention rate. It also makes the new joiners become productive pretty soon! So, just by taking some precautions the employee, as well as the organization, can reap benefits and flourish in the times to come.